If only I'd been 10 seconds earlier...

I was shopping this evening in the Aberdeen Asda. As I turned into the biscuit aisle, there was a gorgeous petite woman, barely 5 foot, having difficulty reaching something up high. As I asked, “Do you need a hand?” (I’m 6’4"), she managed it, said she was okay, and walked off. Rats for an opportunity missed.

I’m in Aberdeen right now! In the port, to be precise :slight_smile: I work offshore, and my hitch is just about to end. Tomorrow I’m checking into a hotel after noon, and staying there a couple nights, and my flight leaves on Thursday.

What should I do while I’m in Aberdeen on my free time?

But, perhaps had you been 10 seconds ahead of schedule, you would’ve been t-boned by some guy texting his girlfriend in a 3-ton SUV, and killed upon impact.

Thank your lucky stars!

If I had a biscuit for every ace I’ve drawn, I could feed a town the size of Aberdeen…
(I assume MPB in Salt Lake would get that, anyone else is bonus. Sorry for the esotericness, but I’ve been posting in the Free Associationthread.)

The cinema in Union Square is good. The art exhibition may still be on. Codonas, down towards the beach, is fun if you’re in a group - bowling, crazy golf, etc. If you like crown-green bowling, there’s a club up Whitehall Road. I’ve found the Old Blackfriars pub at the top of Marischal Street to be quite congenial at lunchtimes; I’ve yet to find a decent evening pub - mostly they’re too noisy for me. I also like the noodle place on the harbour side of Union Street / Exchequer Row.

I’m currently on a night shift, so I’m asleep during the day.

Thanks for the suggestions! :slight_smile:

I too am currently working night shifts (6pm to 6am) and will probably try to stay on that schedule, since it will translate well when I fly back to Houston, I’ll be on a normal time.

I’ve heard the Aberdeen Asda is a good place to hang out… :slight_smile:

…eeeerrr ** Quartz** am I missing something here?

I thought you were all settled up, you out on the prowl again?

I’ve come to terms with being single. But I’d like to be part of a couple, or at least try. So I’m alert for opportunities. Besides, even if romance were not on the cards, friendship might have been.

What is it with tall guys having a thing for short and/or petite women?


I didn’t necessarily read that into it; just a tailor-made chance to offer assistance and talk to her.

Hard to strike up a conversation in a grocery store. Apart from something like that, I haven’t the faintest idea how to do it.

Haven’t you noticed that in dancing lessons, they always pair up the tallest guy with the shortest girl? :smiley:

That could have been me! Well, apart from the gorgeous bit and the fact that I was there the day before. But the other details match - I’m short, have trouble reaching things and can often be found in the biscuit aisle. So next time you see a short woman reaching for a packet of Blue Ribands in Asda, ask her if she’s a Doper.

Wait, this is Aberdeen Scotland yap? Or am I being whooshed?

Don’t you push me baby, because I’m reachin’ high…

Only if you’re tall.

Quartz: For all you know, that lady’s been thinking, “If only I’d needed help 10 seconds earlier…”

There is a mandatory 3 day suspension of your Man Card for uttering such a statement. Grocery stores are where it’s at, man!
Chain restaurant bars at 5PM on Friday are where you go to get laid; Grocery stores are where you go to find a mate, because there is so much readily available information.

For example:

If you hate mornings (and morning people), go to the store later in the afternoon, generally on a weekday. Grab your cart, and meander the store. When you find a likely prospect, turn down the aisle, and take a quick glance at her items as you pass the cart. If you are a vegan, and she has a 7 pound roast in the basket, keep on walking. If she has fakebacon & veggie burgers, continue on by as well, but don’t go too far. Wait a couple of minutes until she makes another stop, pull up alongside and grab some nearby item.

At this point, the world is your oyster.

“Do you know anything about X brand wheat germ?” Continue the conversation by discussing your recent healthy-living changeover.

“Sorry to bother, but I noticed you have Pansy Brand soy burgers-I love them, but they always stick to the pan, do you have the same trouble?” Continue the conversation by discussing how The Corporations keep vegetarians down.

[Reference her shirt] “I love Sleater-Kinney! My favorite concert shirt got torn at the last PETA rally I attended”. Continue the conversation by discussing how meat is murder.
Once you have the ball rolling, ask if she would like to get a non-fat, non-dairy beverage of her choice from the juice bar. A few dates later it’s 3am, and you are pulling those dreadlocks like reins.
I had a pretty good success rate with this- generally my favorite line was seeing the girl who had a case of beer in the cart, and asking if I could come hang out her house. It always got a laugh, and if she was interested in me, a conversation. I even got through with “Excuse me, as a man in a grocery store, when I see a cute girl I am supposed to come over and ask for your assistance with picking fruit or something. I figured that I would just cut to the chase, my name is Spit…”
A heavy word of caution though- Any relationship formed in the grocery store is probably NOT going to be a hook-up. Be prepared to deal with a girlfriend. (Or boyfriend, this method works for ladies as well)

Not being able to pick up women in a grocery store is the least of my worries. That’s like running a bus full of handicapped school children off the road and getting busted for not using your turn signal.

They don’t sell beer in grocery stores here, so that’s out. I know where the name Sleater-Kinney comes from, though.

I can’t see any way that this could possibly go wrong :slight_smile: