If PBS went away, where the shows would land

PBS’s original mission was to air programming the “Big 3” couldn’t/wouldn’t. With the advent of cable, I wondered where their shows would land. My theories:

“Washington Week”/“NewsHour”/“McLaughlin Group”/“Tavis Smiley”-CNN
“American Experience”-History
“Seasame Street”/“Dora”-Nickelodeon/Disney
“Materpiece Theatre”/“Antiques Roadshow”-Bravo/BBC America
The cooking shows-Food Network

Feel free to agree/disagree and add your $0.02

No chance. HISTORY?!!, on the History Channel? They’re too busy airing Pawn Stars, Ancient Aliens and suck-wad copies of British motoring shows.

ps - I like Pawn Stars but it has less history than the skid marks on my skivvies.

I can’t think of any channel besides PBS that would host “Great Performances”.

Dora is Nickelodeon (at least up until she sued them for making less money than the monkey).



In the 1990’s, I would have said Bravo.

Before they fell victim to Network Decline.

Ken Burns has said that his specials would only be allowed on an outlet like PBS, so his efforts might fade.