If "R" rated language had ALWAYS been acceptable on TV...

…what characters do you think would swear a lot?

I’ll go ahead and throw out:

Archie Bunker
Al Bundy
Fred Sanford
Red Forman (from That 70s Show)
The entire main cast of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Who else?

In the pilot of the original Hawaii Five-0, McGarrett wouldn’t have called the traitor who went over to the Red Chinese a “dirty, double-dealing FINK!!!” :eek: :smack:

I think Red might top out where he does, at least in most of the scenes we see him in, actually. He seems like the type to have slightly salty language, but to keep it minor, when he’s around women or kids. Might occasionally go up to ‘shit’ when it’s only him and Eric, but when Kitty or Donna was around, I think he’d keep ‘ass’ as his worst.

Homer Simpson would probably have a lot of non-censored swearing, even around Bart and Lisa. Hell, there was even an episode about his potty mouth.

Lou Grant. Of course, never to Mary, though. Mostly to Ted.

Why do I get the image of Wilma asking Fred if he wants to XXXX her dino style?

I’ll bet Col. Potter would let fly from time to time.

The mind boggles when I consider the possibilities of Ralph arguing with Alice (or Fred arguing with Wilma). :eek:

Or Grandpa Amos on The Real McCoys.

Eddie Haskell’s verbal abuse of the Beav would have been more explicit.

Yosemite Sam

Donald Duck.

Sports commentators

Jesus fucking CHRIST that was a hit!

Much more like some of those watching their broadcast

Yeah, but that scene where Sam bounces down the stairs wearing a full suit of armor while Bugs notes down every last razzum fratz and brackum hootz wouldn’t have been nearly as hilarious.

Upon reading the OP I wanted to post this, but I see Kamino Neko has already summed it up perfectly.

Murphy Brown

Eddie was bad enough as it was. “Hello Mrs. Cleaver! How’s the beaver?”

Ricky Ricardo would have had to chastize Fred Mertz for salty language in front of the ladies, but Ethyl would rejoin, “Oh, screw that, Ricky!”

I’d pay good money to hear such a verbal argument between Blanche and Sophia on The Golden Girls.

“Kiss my grits!” would get an upgrade.

For that matter, commercials would be transformed. No more dropping hints. “Altoids - For when your breath smells like ass.”

Sheriff Rosco P Coltrane.

Oh how I would like to rewatch the entire series of NYPD Blue…