If rock bands traded personnel

Sports teams regular trade personal if rock bands could loan out personal what would be some good trades.only catch they have to be from the same era.

Trade personal what?

Not exactly a trade but after George Harrison and John Entwhistle passed away, I kind of suggested that the surviving members of The Beatles and the surviving members of The Who could have made a great band. You got two songwriters who might have worked well together. A drummer, a keyboard guy, decent vocalists. (Although Daltry is a little rough these days.) This was in 2002. Think of the albums they could have made.

Keeping everything else the same(songs, style etc). I’ve always said that Led Zeppelin would be better with Roger Dawltry fronting them. I love Robert Plant, but I think Roger has a stronger, clearer, more powerful voice and more control over his voice than Plant.
For all I know, it might not work, the tone of Roger’s voice may very well not jive with the sound the band makes, but I’d love to hear it.

(FWIW, I saw the Page/Crowes show years ago. Chris sounded perfect doing the old Zeppelin songs, but his voice is somewhat similar to Plant’s)

Bill Bruford (Yes) - Carl Palmer (ELP)
Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) - Paul McCartney (The Beatles)
Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) - Dennis De Young (Styx)
The Edge (U2) - Andy Summers (The Police)

If you look at the history of rock groups. they pretty much traded (although a more accurate term might be “stole”) personnel all over the place. Moby Grape was an opening act for Jefferson Airplane. The next thing you know, Grace Slick was a member of Jefferson Airplane. Two members of The Mugwumps went to The Mamas and The Papas, while the other two went to the Lovin’ Spoonful. Peter Frampton was a session musician with Jerry Lee Lewis and John Entwhistle, while at the same time a member of Humble Pie. Billy Preston and Eric Clapton were late-season pickups for the Beatles (Preston got a World Series share, Clapton didn’t.)

These are kind of interesting to me.

In the first, I think Bill Bruford works out better in either case. But I’m just not a fan of Carl Palmer, so I’m biased.

The second is tough to imagine. But I’d be curious to hear what Lennon-Wilson might do. I somehow don’t think the chemistry would be there. But if I were playing an “alternate universe” game where I can swap out musicians, this is a combo I definitely would give a try to, just to see. But I think Brian is one of those (mostly) singular forces in music where he needs to be the visionary in the band.

Hodgson v DeYoung I think is a wash, but I’m not as intimate with Supertramp to make an argument.

Edge swapped with Summers. Wow. Two very different approaches to guitar. Another case where I can’t imaging one band with the other, but would be curious to hear in an alternate universe sort of way.

If Diana Ross had fronted Motorhead and Lemmy taken over the Supremes, that might’ve shaken things up a bit.

A better question might be “What impact did it have WHEN this happened…” Was Pearl Jam better off without Dave Abbruzese? Did Ian Stewart really need to be ejected from a band full of piss-ugly Stones? Where is Pat Smear spreading his special brand of sunshine now?

I’m only a casual follower of Nirvana/FF, but I believe he’s technically with the Foo Fighters right now, though he seems to pop in and out of Dave’s life.

Fixed title-- It was disorienting to me, too.

Now I’m confused. Skip Spence was with Jefferson Airplane and was kicked out after the first album. He went on to become part of Moby Grape. What does Grace Slick have to do with Moby Grape?

The trade that was actually considered was Neil Young of the Springfield in a swap for Peter Lewis of the Grape. This is after Neils songs were not so successful and Stills had a big commercial song.

Does your Jefferson story make more sense with Skip Spence in it?

My mistake. I should have written The Great Society.

:stuck_out_tongue: LOL.

You and I are on the same page. I was thinking about Boy George and Ted Nugent (or Alice Cooper) swapping bands and songs.

I saw The Who at the Garden a few months ago, and Roger sounded better than he had in a long time. :slight_smile: And their touring drummer is Zak Starkey, aka Ringo Jr., so there is a bit of crossover there.

I can’t imagine Pete and Paul working well together. For some reason, I imagine Pete would end up declaring Paul a “wanker,” and Roger would want to punch Paul to drive the point home, but refrain because in 1967 he promised he’d stop punching people. Meanwhile, Ringo would just sit there being glad that somebody had the guts to call Sir Paul a wanker to his face.

(Note that I have no personal opinion on the matter of whether Paul McCartney is a wanker or not.)

Neil Peart has retired. Ringo needs a band…

You laugh, but I’ve always wondered how Rush would have sounded with a more conventional bassist or drummer. I enjoy individual Rush songs but they get tiring to listen to after a while because of all the showy playing. Having a rhythm section player who is loud but keeps more of a straight beat I think would make their sound more accessable.

You mean, make them sound like every other band out there? If you want to hear Rush without Neal, listen to their first album.

Not exactly an answer, but I did get to thinking about The Eagles taking on Joe Walsh. Good draft choice. I wish that some band had taken on Leslie West, as I really enjoy his playing.

I felt the same way about Ron Wood coming from The Faces to The Stones. Good draft choice.