If Roe V. Wade is overturned

and abortion rights are pushed to the States, and your state banned abortions, would you move to a state that protected abortion rights?

  • No, I would stay and fight in my home state even if it seemed futile
  • Yes, I would move to a state that protected abortion rights and support it with my tax dollars
  • I would be supportive of the restriction in my state
  • I don’t really care

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I don’t like the word fight as used by politicians. And, although I support the rights of protesters, I can’t say I would express myself that way. Telling me that you are very sure you are correct is not a way to gain my sympathy, and that’s what demonstrating means to me.

However, since I am basically pro-choice, and will consider that issue, among others, when voting, I picked the first button.

I’d right checks. To the campaigns of pro-choice candidates and to non-profits that helped women receive those services out of state.

I don’t know that any of the poll options applies to me.

I would likely not move. I’m not sure I’d “stay and fight” any further than I’d continue to vote the way I currently do. I don’t think “I don’t really care” accurately expresses my feelings, but “I don’t feel strongly enough to move to another state”.

I am pro abortion rights, but it is not my primary political goal, nor does it sway my opinion that much over where I live.

To the Right, “States Rights” means going in force from state to state to throw out abortion rights.

None of the options apply to me. I live in Pennsylvania. The big cities are full of liberal democrats. The large rural sections are filled with conservative republicans. As a liberal democrat, the fight does not seem futile.

I’m male, 50, single and in CA. I’ll stay and help support abortion rights. Women deserve the choice.

I think they’re gonna send it to states. Get ready for a mindfuck from those SCOTUS shitheads.

I’ve had nursing training and if I can connect with the appropriate people, I will help perform them illegally as long as it’s on a not-for-profit basis and corners aren’t being cut to a preventable degree.

Why does everybody assume that the world will revert to the 1950’s when the only abortions were done in secret illegal hideaways?
This is the 21st century.Everybody has a smart phone and can google “where to get an abortion for free”. And every city has cheap flights to the coastal cities.

If you want to help people get abortions, you don’t need nursing training in a back alley. You just need to support organizations which assist with abortions in, say, NY or LA. Similar to the “Ronald McDonald houses” adjacent to major hospitals, which provide lodging and support for families from outside the city.

IMO laws regulating abortion should be left to the states.

Better yet, devolve it down to more local control, and leave laws regulating abortion up to the individual.

Sure, if you can take the time off work and can make an appointment. Not everyone has the disposable income and cash or support system.

Even with Roe v Wade in place, there are people who need help obtaining an abortion. I’d continue doing what I can to help those needing help.

If one doesn’t want some “big government” in Washington telling them what they can and can’t do, why is it A-OK for some “big government” in the state capitol telling them what they can and can’t do?

IMHO propinquity <> better.

Because their God approves of one and not the other?

Because some people believe abortion is murder, and want it outlawed. If it is to be outlawed, it should be done so at the state level, not the federal level.

Why? I am pro-women’s rights. It seems that a nation-wide approach would be best.

In the United States, the law for murder varies by jurisdiction. So if people in a state believe abortion is murder, then they should have the authority to enact their own laws on it.

I said stay and fight for 3 reasons.

  1. Because I have a feeling that Texas is on the cusp (in historical terms) of a political sea change and won’t stay as conservative as it is forever.

  2. Because I’m not a fan of just bailing and leaving the fight to someone else.

  3. Because moving is massively disruptive and doing that for abstract principles may not be the best overall choice for my family.

And what if the population of a county or city believes differently? Or a neighborhood or a block, or a house…or a person? You are accepting that a governing body should be the deciding cohort, we are agreeing on that. But why draw the hard line at The State?