If Someone Gives You A Winning Lotto Ticket?

Say it’s your birthday, and a friend gives you a birthday card, and inside is a lottery ticket.

You check the ticket after the draw and you discover you won the jackpot, 10 Million bucks.

Do you give the person any?

If it was me, I would give them 50% (using the logic that had they not got it for me, I would have zilch, hence I’d feel committed to share the winfall with them.


Don’t know about gifts but years ago the standard bet for any difference of opinion (sports bets mostly) was a $2 lottery ticket. The loser had to buy the ticket but it was understood that the winnings were shared. Two guys at work had a bet on a football game and the loser bought a ticket that won them $100,000.

I’d give them maybe $100k.

I’d probably give the friend 50% of the winnings for something that large. Even something over $1million. I don’t buy tickets myself, and I wouldn’t have had that kind of windfall if not for the friend’s good thoughts and kindness. Would seem only fair.

I’d give them a buck and say: go play the lottery…

OK, I would probably split it with them if I were sure that the ticket that they gave me was the one that won.

Depending on who it was, I’d give them a share, but not half. Probably 10 or 15%.

More if it was a very close friend or family member, or if I felt they were down on their own luck and so really deserved some of it.

I’d split it. Otherwise I would torture myself for the rest of my life about what a greedy, selfish bitch I was and could never enjoy the money.

Definite half split.

I’ve always thought I’d give the clerk who sold me a winning ticket something big, too - either $$$ or pay their tuition/car note/something that would really help them out.


I believe that is called “having a conscience” - good trait by the way! :wink:

This has happened to me.

My niece gives me and my dad a few scratch off tickets every year for Christmas stocking stuffers. Last Christmas I won $209.

I didn’t give her any of it, it never occurred to me to do so. It’d be like getting a dozen socks for Christmas and giving her a few pair back. I didn’t realize I was supposed to divvy up my gifts with those who give them, hope nobody ever gives me a puppy.

There are serious tax implications when giving very large gifts, so if you split the proceeds 50/50 you need to do it right. The best way is to have both parties jointly claim the prize, but you may be challenged by the tax man if he smells a tax-avoidance angle.

Knowing the tax implications, I would give the person who bought the ticket as much as I can while not running into tax issues. In practice this means that I could give him $24,000 per year if he is single or $48,000 per year if he is married. How long I would do that would depend on the amount of the prize. If I won $1,000,000 I would probably only do it once or twice. If I won $250,000,000 I would do it for the rest of his life.

I’d buy him a gift; something ridiculous, like a sports car, or a European vacation.

But I’d resent him if he bitched that he somehow deserved a share of my winnings. If he did, I’d say “well, you should have bought 2, and given me the next one.”

It seems obvious that any lottery ticket you buy could turn out to be worth millions. If you’re worried that you are giving that windfall away, then don’t give lottery tickets as a gift. I think most people give lottery tickets because it’s only a buck, but it somehow doesn’t seem cheap. Any other gift for a buck would be cheap and tacky. With a lottery ticket, it’s ok, because it could turn out to be huge. If you are going to get the kudos for giving a "good’ gift, then, you have to accept the risks inherent with why it’s a good gift.

I’d give them a hug. Maybe take them to lunch. McDonalds would probably be good.

If we’re talking multi millions, I’d give 'em half.

Ok, this is probably bad of me, but I’m sitting here laughing my ass off right now.

Put me in the “buy them something wonderful, no way do they get a straight cut” camp. But I also know that if I gave someone a multi-million dollar winner and they didn’t share with me I’d be extremely bitter. Which is why I don’t give lottery tickets as gifts.

I would split it. This has come up in conversation before as my mother in law gives out scratch off tickets in our Christmas stockings every year (yes, she still gives out stockings to adults.) I think the most anyone has won yet is something like $50, and I wouldn’t split that small amount. But anything over maybe $500 I would try to come up with something that would benefit everyone. Maybe a nice dinner out for all, or a vacation together if it was a larger amount. A really big amount I would split between all (3) of the families somehow, I think. Keeping in mind tax implications, and all that. Any truly life changing amount of money, I wouldn’t be able to live with the others if I didn’t share it. Family Christmas after that would be awkward. (I am a millionaire and you are lowly working class through pure luck on my part! Ha-ha!)

$10 million? No way I’d give them half, but I’d definitely give them somewhere in the neighborhood of $500,000 - $1,000,000, depending on who gave it to me and the circumstances it was given.

If the roles were reversed and I gave the ticket, I don’t think I would even be comfortable accepting half of it. That was a gift I gave them, and I wouldn’t have expected them to pay me back for half the ticket if they lost. However I would definitely accept $1,000,000 as a thank you.

My Father, Brothers, Sister, B-I-L & Niece come first.

$1 million each.

$6 Million gone right there.
$3 Million + to the IRS.

Less than $1 Million for my old age, with no Social Security on the horizon.

If the giver is old & out of luck, he can stay with me rent free, for life.

Supersized! Extra sides! Go crazy on refills!

Anything 7 digits or higher, I’d go halvsies. Otherwise, something in the 30% range, probably (post-taxes).