If Star Trek fans are called Trekkers or Trekkies, then...

… what are Star Wars fans called ?




Star Warriors?

Rebel Scum

People smart enough to realize they don’t need a dumb name for their collective…

Somebody had to say it! :smiley:


Star Wars fans.


Disappointed for the past few years.

Star Warsians

Second-raters, compared to Trek Fandom? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Maybe it’s because I’m still in the middle of Mafia VI, but that totally gave me the idea for an SW-themed mafia game… :smiley:

EDIT Isn’t there also a Darth Vader fanclub named something or other?

Uber-geeks? (sorry, no umlaut on this keyboard).

These guys?

I’ve heard the term “Warsie” used as a parallel to “Trekkie.” So presumably the more serious ones call themselves “Warsers.” Obviously there is some room for improvement, although nothing really comes to mind offhand. I think most of them already self-identify as Jedis or Stormtroopers anyway.

Annie’s Army?


Journalists of the Whills?



People Who Have A Bad Feeling About This?


Is it too early to sign up for it? :smiley:

Vote MadTheSwine

Wasn’t the term “Trekkie” a label originally applied by “outsiders” who were poking fun at the Trek fans?

LOL (coke spit onto keyboard) !!!

Those who got Leia’d?

Warries or Warrers?