If the dead come back to life, I'll have one zombie limping after me.

You may remember from this thread where I described a bit about how I had completely blown my knee out and had my ACL replaced by one from a cadaver. Well, I apparently didn’t value that gift enough, because I have gone and shredded my replacement ACL as well. Whee, fun for my knee!

I’m not getting surgery this time. The rest of the knee is solid and I just really don’t feel up to going through surgery and rehab right now. The only increased risk is tearing something else, but that wouldn’t make surgery any worse so I figure why deal with it.

The big negative, it essentially means the end of contact sports for me. So, no more basketball games. I can play in my driveway, coach, etc but I can’t run up and down the court carrying triple teams with me wherever I go. So, that kind of sucks.

Frankly, I’d just like to apologize to the dead dude that supplied this ACL since I completely destroyed it.

You got a receipt fer that there knee, bwah? :dubious:


Memmbe y’all bettah come down to th’ PO-leese station, y’hyar? :smiley:

Doesn’t the dead guy have another one he isn’t using?

Does anyone remember a Twilight Zone episode - or maybe it was Outer Limits - where this doctor found a chemical that would keep a cadaver just alive enough to continue harvesting organs from him indefinitely? And then he was having a dinner party with various patients who had received implants from this particular cadaver - he was wanting them to invest in his research, or something - and somehow the cadaver got too much of the chemical in him and decided he wanted his parts back. His corneas, his aorta, his knee…

Don’t worry, Mullinator, I’m pretty sure that kind of thing only happens in movies.

What the hell was that movie?

Oh yeah ! :smiley:

Unless I’m very much mistaken, it was an episode of Monsters. Non-Spoilers The episode took place in some South American country. The researcher provided medical services for El Presidente, and in return was given facilities and prisoners to experiment on. One of the scientist’s breakthroughs was a fluid that prevented tissue rejection and quickly integrated a graft into the rest of the body. So, when the zombie wakes up, he doesn’t need his old eyes, larynx, or knee back. Parts from anybody will do.

A quick search confirms it was a Monsters episode titled “Where Is The Rest Of Me?”. Meatloaf played the mad scientist.

Aw man, that sucks. I had ACL replacement surgery about 8 years ago. I was scheduled for a cadaver graft, but as the time of my surgery came around, there were no available cadavers for me. So I opted for an autograft – they took the middle third of my patellar tendon. It’s been ok so for (mostly – it hurts less than it used to, and it’s definitely more stable), but I think the extra incision made the healing time longer.

Anybody having knee problems has my utmost heartfelt sympathy.

I feel your pain. I’ve been without a left ACL since 1992. Lost mine playing volletball, of all things. But dude…two of them? That’s just sloppy! :smiley: