If the Democrats do well in November, will we see Trump's tax returns?

Four questions. I hope they are not stupid. If they are, my handy excuse is that I’m Canadian (Hmm, that came out wrong.). I am sincerely interested in the November U.S. midterm elections, though:

  1. Is it possible that the contents of Donald Trump’s tax returns will finally be
    known/released following this November’s elections if the Democrats do well?

  2. What conditions would have to prevail before the returns would be revealed? How
    would the balance of power in the House and in the Senate have to shift?

  3. If it’s very likely that Trump’s tax returns will become public knowledge under certain
    conditions, do you think it might motivate a few more hardly-ever-voters to
    get themselves to the ballot boxes? If so, do you think it would be a good idea to
    "trump"et (sorry) the idea in these lead-up weeks to appeal to people’s sheer
    nosiness, if nothing else?

  4. How long would all this likely take: weeks, months, years? Or is it a lost cause and
    unlikely to happen in the next decade, if ever?

If we do, it won’t be for political reasons, but as part of the special prosecutor’s investigation.

… which is where I’m particularly interested in seeing this investigation going. Follow the money-- or lack of money-- and see where it leads.

Has he even paid $25 million for T.U. ?? If he did, I’ll wager it came from campaign funds.

It’s possible Mueller already has them. Why would they be made public, though? Do we have access to Manafort’s tax returns?

No, we will not see Trump’s tax returns, regardless of the election results.

The House doesn’t have the authority to release a person’s private tax information. The Senate doesn’t have the authority to release a person’s private tax information. A prosecutor doesn’t have the authority to release a person’s private tax information. An IRS employee doesn’t have the authority to release a person’s private tax information.

There are people who have the legal authority to view a person’s private tax information due to their job, but they don’t have the authority to make that information public.

The only person with the authority to release Trump’s tax returns is Donald Trump, and since he doesn’t feel like doing it, he’s not going to do it. And I can’t see any future election result changing Trump’s mind, why would it?

They’ll never be released, outside of something like a Snowden/Manning-type leak.

Not necessarily. If he filed jointly with one or more of his wives, the joint filer would also have the authority to release the returns.

I must admit to being disappointed; I was hoping that there was a decent chance that we would at last hear whatever it is that Trump has been hiding, at least tax-wise.

Not only does he have them, Mueller has been working with the IRS’s criminal investigations unit that focuses on financial crimes.

So he more than has the returns. He has been working with elite agents trained to investigate white collar financial crimes.

Wait for the trial.

He would need some reason to subpoena them. With Cohen and Manafort on his team now, he may have that. If not now, soon. Or do you have some evidence that he already does?

The fact that he granted immunity to Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg isn’t conclusive, but certainly is strong circumstantial evidence. I think he could make a strong argument based on the mixing of campaign and personal finances through the Stormy Daniels settlement.

The chairperson of the House Treasury Committee can request them and the Democratic party already has it listed as an action item to do so, if they successfully take the House.

I think it’s reasonable to say that, whatever the release laws may or may not be, the instant that the information is in the House, if the documents themselves aren’t leaked, the high level summary will be - most likely a bunch of company names for the media to investigate.

That is absolutely the safe bet. If anyone on the Hill gets hold of his tax records then their staffers will as well. At that point you can time how fast they get to The Washington Post with a stopwatch.

If Trump is prosecuted and his tax returns are relevant to the prosecution, then they will become public knowledge, won’t they?

But once congress asks for them it is only a matter of time till they are leaked.

on one hand I am surprised they are not leaked by now. On the other hand I know that IRS has very tight security , you have to pass a background check just to visit some of their buildings. It’s easier to get into a lot of military bases than it is some IRS buildings.

Speaking of the IRS, how much longer could the audit possibly take? I know Trump won’t release his returns in any case but I’m interested to hear what his next excuse for not doing so will be. “My lawyer said not to. What do I know? I always defer to the experts.” or something like that is my guess. And what if the audit turns up shenanigans? Would that be made public? It almost seems like there have to be impropriaties. Would the IRs dare sanction Trump or any of his companies? Can the IRS do so while he is President?

An investigation might reveal that even if the bulk of the tax return information remains secret.

Traditionally, Trump’s team tries to delay any legal process as long as humanly possible, so that they end up paying more in legal fees than they would in taxes/fines/etc.

I’m sure whatever he’s hiding has something to do with Russia and Putin.