If the fire dept sends you an ambulance transport bill 2 years after the fact is that a valid bill?

I have a friend who has received a $500 ambulance transportation bill from the local fire dept for an ambulance trip her son took from his school to the ER after breaking his arm at school …two years ago. In our county the FD bills users directly for ambulance and EMS services.

The FD informed her she could get her insurance to pay the bill. The problem is she is no longer with that insurance carrier so she has to some all out of pocket for this.

Does she have any recourse? Is a bill sent this late still legally valid?

is the insurance company not still on the line because the bill relates to a period that WAS covered?

Yes, it is still valid, and I’ll second that her old insurance is on the hook because she was covered at the time of the incident.

Ethically, it’s certainly a valid bill. Your friend’s son received the service and so your friend owes payment for the service.

Legally, I’d imagine if you’d want to look at it pedantically you’d look at the statute of limitations on debt, which in most states is something like 5-7 years. So 2 years’ delay doesn’t make it legally invalid either.