If The Govt Outlawed Guns Would Gym and Karate Classes Increase?

Well you know the old saying that God didn’t make men all equal but Smith and Wesson did. Well what if the Gov’t took away the equalizer, would people start joining gyms and karate classes in droves?

Because the cops sure enough aren’t going to protect us in dire situation.

Well, probably not. I don’t know very many people who have guns, and most of them aren’t in gym or Karate classes…and, as far as I know, the ones that are aren’t there because they don’t have guns. If they outlawed guns, I don’t see that our lives would change that much…except that people who target shoot or hunt would need to get new hobbies…well, there’s always bowhunting.

Dunno. It’s certainly possible, but a lot of people would get so frustrated with the pace of most martial arts classes (at least, what I’ve seen of them) that they’d quit. In the beginning they can go veeeery slowly paying attention to detail, when most people want to be able to do what they see in movies.

Newsflash, folks. Those guys have been doing what they do for upwards of twenty years. There’s a reason they’re that good.

And another factor for why it’s so slow in the beginning, pun. They’re trying to weed out two types of people: the kind that want to learn how to hurt people, and the kind that want to do what they see in the movies. They bore them to tears and make them quit. Only the people that really want to learn martial arts will stay in the class.

And, no, outlawing guns wouldn’t increase membership in martial arts classes.


If we outlawed guns, we’d fall back on knives.

I think homemade guns would increase but not karate classes.

Actually, the saying is “God made men, but Sam Colt made them equal.”

*Originally posted by Wildest Bill *
**Well you know the old saying that God didn’t make men all equal but Smith and Wesson did. Well what if the Gov’t took away the equalizer, would people start joining gyms and karate classes in droves?

Because the cops sure enough aren’t going to protect us in dire situation. **[/QUOTE

Well, I don’t know, Mr. Wildest William, but that is probably because I am too lazy to look up the relevant statistics right now. But I am sure you would be able to find them.

Obviously, living, as I do, in a place where the gun laws are somewhat different from those in the place in which you live, I spend my life in fear of not being able to go out to buy some cat food, terrible fear, if I have no gun, how shall I buy milk and bread? Oh, and and what if I want to go to the theatre? Dear me, too unpleasant even to consider. Oh, the Horror! Of course, everything would be better if I had I a gun. *

Mr. Bill, I live in a not very salubrious area in a large city. I mention this only because I fear that there might be some notion in somebody’s head about “liberals” living in an ivory tower.

  • a small joke. One laughs.

Since only criminals would have guns, then I would suspect more people would buy bullet-proof vests.

ah yes, I can see the ads now:

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws have guns. The rest go to Bally’s.

Step 1: Open your history (or martial arts) Books.

Step 2: See what happened when they outlawed weapons in 16th(?) century Japan.

Step 3: Move on to the next question :cool:

  • I’d guess that if the (US) gov’t banned guns (many other countries have already done it), there would be about the same number of guns, but they’d all be illegal, and many of them would wind up with (also illegal) silencers. One of the most easily recognizable characteristics of a firearm is its report, so you’d want to hide that, and making silencers is cheap and easy.
    ~ It is true that among inner city firearm crimes the use of silencers is extremely rare, but this group of people (inner city criminals) is among the worst educated of all and have the least to lose by risking committing crime. In other words, they’re the most likely to get caught. Most guns taken from many inner city suspects are already illegal for one reason or another: the gun will have been reported stolen or the “owner” was not able to legally own firearms due to past convictions. Often both. Police I know personally have said that most suspects don’t even bother to destroy the serial numbers anymore. - MC

My guess is…we’ll find out.


  • I’m not convinced about that. Coming from a country where guns are banned, rare and black-market expensive, I have yet to hear about a crime involving a silenced gun - with the exception, of course, of poaching. Then again, there’s not much of a “gun culture” over here. The average criminal is often a fucked-up individual without the money or connections to get a handgun, the bright criminal realizes it’s counterproductive to carry one.

S. Norman

      • I would agree that the biggest thieves often don’t use firearms to accomplish their activities, but that’s somewhat off the subject. We were speaking of banning firearms, not reducing crime. :wink: - MC

Spiney Norman
Where is “over here”

I found this site http://www.netgrab.com/fun/guncontrol when doing some research recently.Interesting but don’t know about accuracy.

justwannano: Over here is Scandinavia - I’m Danish, although currently in German exile. Your list is interesting but perhaps a tad selective ?

I’m not going to get entangled in a gun control debate, I’ve come to realize how different the European and American ponts of view are on this issue are. It’s a cultural thing.

I just fell across the silencer comment and realized that I’d never heard (heh) of criminals (except, as mentioned, poachers) using a silenced gun, that’s all. The rest was more or less background info.


Rambling all over a complex topic…I doubt it.

For one thing, martial arts require discipline and time. Neither are hallmarks of the adolescent gang-banger “mule” drunk on testosterone and angst.

Our prisons are too clogged with throw-away, revolving populations lost to a pitifully inept, doomed “war against drugs”. What’s a prison sentence? a way to gain face and get a grad degree with the big boys.

Guns are the tools; too bad they’ve been given over to our society’s throw-aways. Knives, brawling, torture, gouging, prowling, stupid “kung-fu” accoutrements? They’re using them anyway, lethally though inexpertly.

The weapons aren’t the problem, just the expression. Hell, I’m horrified by the godawful things kids have done to other human beings with bare knuckles and Bic lighters. Guns make it much easier–and they handle so Hollywood cool–but the problem ain’t the means. The problem is why those people were thrown away in the first place.


You’d just see more knives and other non-gun weapons, MAYBE a slight rise in the number of people who know martial arts. If they took steps to make melee weapons illegal, then they would probably outlaw or highly regulate martial arts as well.