If the make the World of Warcraft movie, I hope it's kind of silly..

The movie needs to give a nod to some of the elements of actual gameplay. There needs to be scenes of the heroes passing a guy standing in front of a wall running in place. Or as they are about to confront to villain, a stranger begins laughing manically or performs a dance for them.

What else? A major character who just runs in to the dungeon and is promptly slaughtered?

If there are any portals, the actors need to jump in the air as they go through them.

If there are such nods, they’ll be subtle. Blizzard makes a lot of jokes in-game, but their cinematics always have the Epic dial turned to 11. Additionally, since they’re making a movie that will be shown in mainstream theaters, they’re going to want to keep the fanboy shoutouts to a minimum so as not to alienate the rest of the moviegoers.

Lampshading the game mechanics can work if there’s some acknowledgement that the fourth wall is being broken. The Gamers: Dorkness Rising does this well because the movie is actually about the players sitting down at the table and playing D&D. But when the movie is set in the game world with the fourth wall firmly in place, making fun of the mechanics tends to really kill the enjoyment of the movie.

That all said, Leeroy Jenkins will show up somewhere.