If the Palestinians stopped fighting....

I believe it was the Chicago Tribune or the Sun-Times that had an editorial that read something like:

If the situation in the Middle East is supposed to improve at all, this point must be acknowledged.  One would have to be oblivious to not understand that the Palestinian Cause is the complete destruction of the Jewish state of Israel.  

 Why is it that Israel is given such a hard time if innocent Palestinians are killed unintentionally?  Isn't it true that the United States knew that there would be innocent civilians killed when we began the war in Afghanistan, but the attitude towards this was simply, 'it's a price of war?'   And yet, the Palestinians are not going to stop fighting towards their goal, even if Israel does stop fighting. 

It is a sad thing that as a nation founded in Peace, Israel has no choice except to fight. If they stop, they may be destroyed.

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Jeez, I don’t know, maybe they are given a hard time about killing innocent civilians, because, you know, the victims were, like, are innocent civilians.

But who is giving Israel a ‘hard time’ exactly? Whose attitude was it that civilian deaths in Afghanistan were ‘a price of war’, exactly? Define your terms and then maybe someone will be willing to discuss this with you.

What is it, Straw Man Week or something?

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I do not condone the prospect of killing innocent people , no matter what belief they hold. However, by “hard time,” I meant that Israel is viewed as a country without any mercy or consideration to speak of when innocents are killed.

While certainly there are plenty of Arab nutcases (many in my office) who want to drive the Zionist Enitity into the sea. most Arabs have given up that idea long ago. The Arab states have offered Israel peace and recogition in exchange for a two-state solution.

Am I too far off the mark to say plenty of Jews want to kill mucho Arabs and occupy God-only knows how much?

It is time for sanity to take hold. Fighting by the Israelis only preserves the status quo. The present situation forces Israel to act as bully-boy, cheapening it culture and making its people brutes.

Both sides need peace.

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If Israel pulls out their terrorist army and their settlers, there would be no more fighting.
Ther could still be some criminals (terrorists). Take them to the court as any civilized country does.
If found guilty, punish according to Your laws.

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I forgot to put the headline:
"If the Israelian would stop killing…"

Peace will come only when it is allowed to by both sides