If there are parallel universes and other dimensions, what is the term for reality as a whole

So the term the Universe is used to describe reality in its largest form, as far as I know. Everything that is real is a part of the Universe and nothing that exists is outside of it. If it turns out that we live in a multiverse full of parallel realities, that there are other dimensions, that universes existed before the big bang, etc. then our Universe just becomes one of many realities.

So is there a term for reality on that higher level? The term multiverse describes a reality that has all the universes, but if reality existed before the big bang or in other dimensions is there a term to encompass those?

The whole shebang?

I propose Eä.

The multiverse is the totality of all universe and dimensions.


The whole sort of general mishmash.
And any way you slice it, you’ll come up with something that someone will call home.

The whole enchilada.

The world.

The Multiverse
The Omniverse

Chronos once used a great term that he and his buds in the GR field toss around, and I noted it appreciatingly, and for the life of me can’t remember. I hope he checks in.


Oops. Sorry, that’s the answer to a different big question.

“The bulk” from Brane Theory might work

In my opinion, the universe encompasses all physical existence. If its structure resembles a foam-like inflorescence, then it is each bubble that should get a new name, not the universe itself.

I would say you’re on the wrong foot to start here.

“The universe,” or our universe, comprises everything that we can point to in our space and time.

“Multiverse” is the term.

There is no “before” the Big Bang.

There are theories that our big bang came from something else. Branes hitting each other, distortions in a previous universe, black holes in another universe, etc.

But not “before” us. Not a “previous” universe. Those are relative positions in time, which for us is bounded at the BB. It is as meaningless for us to speak of a universe “before” us as to speak of one “north” of us.

Wow, I hope I check in, too, because I can’t currently remember any such term.

If I had need to use such a term, I’d probably say “multiverse”, but that comes from speculative fiction much more than from science.


But within the confines of a higher reality, wouldn’t both our universe and whatever universe we were born from both exist?

I’m sticking with “omniverse”, because while “multi” means “more than one”, “Omni” means “all”.

Right, but they’d exist in some other relation to us than “up” or “forward” or “back” or “before” or “after”. Time is a feature of our universe that came into existence with the big bang. Whatever existed before the big bang couldn’t have actually been before the big bang, any more than it was left of the big bang, because time and space as we know it didn’t exist until after the big bang.

What it would be like to have a universe without time and space is left as an exercise for the reader.