If there is monarchy in UK, and people dislike it why don't they protest against it?

For example, they don’t howl down on Queen and anyone from his family (shouting at them etc) when they are being introduced or coming to the stadium in a tennis match. Why? If you dislike the monarchy, why don’t you protest? Plus, a tennis match or a football match is an appropriate place to hiss at politicians?

What makes you think that the British dislike their monarchy? As far as I know, most polls show very high support for the Monarchy, and republicans are generally considered fringe groups with no real purpose.

Can I see these polls please?

polls on british opinion of monarchy

From one of the first links:


Mostly people don’t really care too much and can’t be bothered to change it, if it ain’t broke why fix it. Plus the Queen herself is widely respected by most of the population, she’s recognised as quite the asset to the UK. Shouting at her to abdicate at a public appearance would be seen as the behaviour of an attention-grabbing loudmouth or otherwise disturbed person.

She’s also not a ‘politician’, at all. The monarchy has been apolitical for some time now (since Queen Anne, if memory serves), if she interfered in parliament it would cause a constitutional crisis.

Missed the edit window, during the Queen’s recent jubilee there was some protesting by republican (small r) groups, but a far cry from jeering the Royals at a sporting event.

The Queen is loved by almost all British people.

Prince Charles is, erm, not - but there are very few indeed who hate him.

Due to the weird cult of Diana, William and Kate are very popular indeed as well.

So it’s nonsense to say it’s unpopular. It’s very popular indeed. Furthermore, politicans, apart from Boris Johnson, Alan Milburn, Clare Short, David Davis, that Green MP and a few others are hated by a significant number, and even the ones I mentioned are hated by some people. All the political parties in the UK are evil/stupid/both in one way or another. This is relevant because abolishment of the monarchy would require a replacement.

Finally, there is a protest group called Republic. It basically goes around moaning and is held in contempt - probably not as much because of its arguments (which are logical in a sense) but because it’s perceived as being populated most by a metropolitan elite that is very different to how the rest of the country thinks. The latter, by the way, is also the reason Liberty and the Human Rights Act, despite obviously being sensible things, are hated as wel.

I don’t know where you got the idea that our Queen was unpopular, you’d be a very brave man to slag her off anywhere in the U.K. regardles of the peoples opinions politically, whether to the left or right.

Yes we do get young Walter Mittys who call themselves Anarchists/Workers party/communists etc and dress up in combat jackets etc,usually to try and impress members of the opposite sex.
(Who might not notice that they’re acne riddled nerds)

We also get immigants from our nearest Republican neighbour (Quite a few actually)who are prepared to drop their political ideals in exchange for work and a place to live.

But who are steadfastly anti British, and anti Monarchy, an bring up their kids (in England)to follow their opinions.

Hypocricy and cowardice apparently not being in their vocabulary.

But that apart, we don’t just tolerate our monarchy, we are active and enthusiastic supporters of them.

And dare I say it, love our Queen to death.

(Not in the biblical sense of course)

I for one would take up arms if ever there was any attempt to remove the monarchy.

And I don’t think that I would I would be on my own.

Even in Australia, where for at least 13 years there has been a majority in favour of some kind of republic, republicans don’t “howl down on Queen and anyone from his family”. What would be the point? – Her majesty does not make any real decisions about how Australia is governed, and if Australia were to become a republic, it would be through a referendum like the one that was lost in 1999, not by noisy protests.

Did people dislike Charles before the Diana thing?


His media-made image is of a somewhat oddball eccentric personality, ‘talks to plants’ being often used against him, seen as not liking modern Britain very much and wishing (some) things were done as they used to be. How much of this is legend or truth is hard to say.
The OP seems to start out from the premise that monarchy ought to be unpopular and why are the British too lazy/subservient/fawning to voice it. If people wanted it to disappear then it would not last much longer than that.

He’s always been a bit awkward. Not as gaffe prone as his father, but I think he has often come across as a privileged twit. A few years back he said something along the lines of the UK’s learning culture gave people hope beyond their capabilities and that the blame lay with a child-centred system which admits no failure and tells people they can be great without putting in the necessary effort or having natural ability. I actually think that’s a good dose of common sense, but I guess it hurt to hear it from a guy who stands to become the ruler of several countries based on no greater qualification than the womb he sprang from.

I like Charles. He’s awkward but he means well.

his father is wonderful.

I would love a british dictatorship run by pre-senillity thatcher, the duke of edinburgh, boris johnson and shami chakribati.

What makes you think they don’t protest? Here’sone from before Diana’s death. (Admittedly, it was something of a surprise to those planning the queen’s itinerary.)

No Charlies a good bloke.

Diana thought that the Windsors were going to blow the whistle on her shagging anything in trousers, literally two weeks after her marriage, and went on the offensive by spreading slurs around like buttering a roll .
A very nasty piece of work.

She won’t be missed by us ordinary folk.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Well, I’m British and I don’t like them one little bit. (Cromwell, where are you when we need you?) I’m in my mid 60s. My son, who’s 42, finds them equally distasteful. It is true however that most of the British public are gooey-eyed about the monarchy, and the press are positive lapdogs, save for the Guardian, God bless it.

Things could change however when Good Queen Bess pops her clogs. The repulsive Charles is loathed as much as his mother is loved. Give him ten years to rule and he could well destroy the institution. With a bit of luck.

At the risk of being labelled a royalist lapdog, I’d like to go on the record as being largely against the idea of being under the oppressive puritan rule of a jack-booted military dictator.

But that’s just me.

Are you sure you’d want Cromwell in charge? Really?

Not sure you’re speaking for most ordinary folk here. :dubious: I’ve never heard a word against her from anyone who could be described as “ordinary folk”, that is to say, everyone who is not a trashy newspaper. I’m by no means some sort of soppy royalty fan, but even just reading this makes me a little sad for Diana. The whole thing was a sad affair, from beginning to end.

Another one to say: yup, monarchy has popular support. I’m curious to hear what made the OP think otherwise?

As to why the popular support for an unelected head of state: several excellent options were mentioned, and I’d like to add this quick cp grey video as an explanation. Basically, they contribute more than they cost, which could probably not be said of any alternative head of state.

ETA: in theory I think a monarchy is a stupid idea. In practice, it’s working rather well at the moment, so let’s just leave it for now.

Cromwell didn’t set out to be dictator backed by the power of the Army, or king-in-all-but-name, as he was in later years, just as the Parliamentary leaders didn’t set out to overthrow monarchy in starting the War. Only when the faithless Charles I proved repeatedly that he could not be trusted to keep any agreement did they find themselves impelled on this path.