If there is monarchy in UK, and people dislike it why don't they protest against it?

Me too!

Yes, Malacandra, that’s his cover. He can easily fall back on “of course I didn’t mean all Irish in Britain are hypocritical, cowardly, disloyal and potentially treasonous. Some of my best friends are Irish, I’m a quarter Irish myself, yadda yadda”. I’ve heard it all before, though thankfully less often these days.

Its not really a good idea to dislike the Monarchy, even if you have rational arguments.

You’ll just be seen as an outsider, at best, or maybe just irrelevant.

We have been conditioned for generations to suck up to royalty and that is not going to stop anytime soon.

No he was spot on, and the fact that you’ve had to raise strawmen doesn’t exactly help your case.

If I moved to a strict Islamic country of my own accord, then I would be a total hypocrite and coward if I whined about not being able to drink alcohol, and demanded that they change their laws to suit me.

If I honestly felt that strongly about it then I should move back home.

Mind you if I felt so strongly about it, I shouldn’t emigrate there in the first place.

Too many Irish Nationalists want their cake and eat it.

Much anti-Irish sentiment in Japan, is there?

And in context of those who, y’know, want to preach republicanism in someone else’s country rather than stay in their own Republic, I think it’s not so much a case of “easily fall back on” as “what he meant in the first place”, but hey.

There is no big group of Irish immigrants who pretend to integrate but preach hate to their kids in private(one wonders how the fuck he’d know what goes on behind closed doors anyway). To suggest otherwise is the ravings of a bigoted loon.

dafuq did I just read?

How could you? sobs after we giving ye’s Guinness and Riverdance and Colin Farrell/Michael Fassbender howls inconsolably

pats Corcaigh By always forgetting that the square just to the NE of you guys, in your island, and which has a land border with you guys is part of the United Kingdom of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, the rock of Gibraltar (and parts attached) et al.

runs from the pissed off British horde

(I’d thought France too - does “I’m currently in France, within spitting distance of the Chunnel” count as an excuse)

Who is the “you” in “your island”?

Not my experience at all. Whenever it comes up among friends, even my Granny’s friends (which it does regularly), we all agree that it’s a silly tradition and an outdated institution. And then someone says: “but the Queen is such a nice lady”, and everyone agrees that, however outdated it is, it does work for now and we’re all pretty happy with the way things are. So carry on, Queenie!

I don’t think they’re conditioned into anything, everyone I know is perfectly capable of rationally discussing the reasons that a monarchy is an outdated institution.

Now, if you were to say outright nasty things about the Queen, or Diana, I can see how that would not be appreciated. But just a discussion about the relevance of the royal family, or having a monarchy in general is never a problem.

Are you talking of Rockall, the last addition to the British empire and technically part of Inverness-shire?

My experience too. My personal view is that the monarchy remains a relevant and up-to-date institution, but we’re a free country and I don’t hold the monarchy to be something sacred and beyond reproach. I enjoy discussing it with people.

That isn’t accurate at all. Do you not remember Spitting Image for example, and how many millions of viewers it got? While she has popular support, only a minority of brits view the queen with reverence.

I understand the population cannot vote, as they’re all seagulls…

I thought the Americans gave us Riverdance?

Fixed that for you! :stuck_out_tongue:

This thread just keeps getting better!

The answer’s in the question obviously - I’ve had too much o’ the black stuff and drowned my brain cells :wink:

(oh, and Magners. Had way too much of that too. You can keep the Poitin’ though)

Eh, doesn’t bother me, they can have that square back as far as I’m concerned. Apparently some of the the ‘Norn Iron’ [1] locals have a different opinion on it, mind…

Most of my pals are always up for a Di slagging session, but otherwise, yup, this.

We all agree it’s a bit silly, but hey, the tourists like it, and it’s an excuse for a party every so often!

[1] I’m reliably informed that this is how it’s pronounced.

Probably those enjoying the influence of the NHS, the BBC, the welfare state, lesser reach of the Catholic church, the better roads etc*.

I’d be happy with a united Ireland, if someone could explain what I (apparently an Irish Catholic) would get out of it.

*I know there’s fresh tarmac on the roads for some time now in the Republic, but sign posting remains awful.

Ah more strawmen I see.

Let me know when you’ve some sort of factual argument.

I shan’t be holding my breath on that one.

Tell that to the Irish.

You’ve got the wrong guy Guin. The official ambassador of British dopers to the Irish is Lust4Life, not Mr. Capell.