If they had traffic reports 100 years ago....

There’s a big backup because the left lane is blocked by a disabled vehicle, but it looks like they’re about to shoot the horse so we should have you on your way shortly.

Stay clear of the intersection of Maple and Vine. Ted’s Manure Haulers wagon lost a wheel and well, let’s just say that manure and the afternoon rush hour sun aren’t very conducive to a pleasant commuter experience.

Buggy on the Interstate has flat wheel. Waiting for carpenter/wheelwright to come fix.

Horse suddenly died; vehicle caught without spare.

Horseless carriage on Main Street. Watch out for rubberneckers.

High speed 15 mph collision on Main Street.

11,268 drivers were arrested for DUI in Benton County last weekend.

Avoid the corner of Michigan and Trumbell Avenues as Detroit’s new base ball team begins play at their new steel and concrete ball park, called Navin Field. It can accommodate up to 23,000 men, women and children, and as sure as the RMS Titanic sits at the bottom of the ocean, you can bet there will be a tangle of traffic-- pedestrian, horse *and *automobile!

Backups on 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue stretch all the way up to Longacre Square (recently renamed “Times” Square), as motorists stop to watch ladies hike up their hobble skirts to board the Broadway streetcar.

Film at 11:00:

This is Orville & Wilbur, your Twin-Wing Eye-in-the-Sky cruising 15 feet over the Cape Hatteras Turnpike. Look out below!