If Trump built a wall how hard would it actually be to climb over

Keep in mind this is 2016. Why can’t someone just throw a rope ladder over it? Or failing that a regular ladder?

Couldn’t a winch placed on the ground on one side lift people to the top?

Seems like a minor obstacle.


What does it matter? Trumpwall Inc. will declare bankruptcy after it is built, and the Mexican subcontractors will take possession of it.

He’ll refuse to pay the workers so they’ll use sub-grade materials and it will collapse within days.

Inflatable human hamster ball and a trebuchet.

He also claimed at one point that it would be a “virtual” wall.

Perhaps he’s thinking we can string cameras along the entire 1,989 miles of the border.

Would only be 35,006 cameras if there was one every 100 yards.

And of course, being Trump, we’ll have a team of SIX $8 an hour employees (to fill 24/7 shifts, or most of the time being only one guy) and a single supervisor to watch them all.

Then he’ll claim they’re all being recorded and kept ‘forever’.

The contract will show that none of it is being recorded.

Within a year, 98% of the cameras would be stolen or broken.

Just use the ropes left behind by all the people climbing over to escape into Mexico from here.

We’re not going to build some loser wall like you are talking about. It’s going to be a great wall, the best. We’ve got top people working on how we’re going to do it. It’s going to be an American wall built by patriotic people.

Seriously, it can’t be that hard. It isn’t like climbing a 40 foot wall is impossible for people willing to navigate all the way from central america into a new country.

Rope, ladders, winches, tunnels, etc.

One of those circus cannons that fire the human cannonballs

Nothing will stop desperate Americans from fleeing into Mexico.

This is exactly why the real life border fence uses bollard panels. It is harder to climb than an actual wall, and allows the border patrol agents better situational awareness (since they can see and shoot through it). The only downside is that the bollard fence is more expensive, so they can’t afford to use it in all locations.

Just more proof than Trump is living in a fantasy world…

Of course it’s not impossible. But it’s a lot harder to sneak into the US if you need to bring a 40 foot ladder, grappling hook and rope across the desert with you.

Besides, that’s like saying climbing Everest can’t be that hard for people able and willing to navigate all the way to Nepal. It’s the last bit that’s the tough part.

There was a show on some cable channel (Maybe Penn and Teller’s Bullshit?) that went through the exercise of building a 20 foot fence and showing how quickly people could get through it. Since most of the area was desert, digging out enough sand to squeeze under it took like 3 minutes.

Cover that whole wall with one really bad looking hair piece and no one will get near the damn thing.

Reminds me of the Robot Chicken skit where Donalds Toupee when out did various nefarious things at night.

I envision the wall to look like the wall around Gitmo in Bad Boys 2. In reality the wall around Gitmo is a chain link fence with observation towers every so often. Because building a giant wall is just stupid.

Yeah, I can’t see someone who endured unimaginable trials and hardships getting from, say, Guatemala City to the Mexican/U.S. border encountering a wall, shrugging his/her shoulders, and turning around and going back to Central America.

A series of electric fences with razor wire in-between?

More a barrier than a wall.

It might solve the problem of automatic and semi-automatic weapons getting into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.

Climbing over the wall would probably be fairly easy. However, if there are people shooting at you while you do it, you probably won’t try. The wall alone won’t do it. Armed response has to be part of the solution.

Plus torture and reprisal killings – if someone gets over but caught later, they should be tortured, and their family should be killed by drones. Deterrence is everything.

Maybe stick their heads on the wall? Paint it in blood? Launch body parts by catapult back over it?

If we’re willing to kill desperate people looking for a better life, why stop with merely killing them?