If we can't find the nukes now, how will we disarm Iraq when we get there?

In essence, I’ve already posted my question. If our intelligence and the UN inspectors can’t find what we claim they have, how do we propose to disarm the country when we get there?

Ummmm…perhaps by looking everywhere we want whenever we want to look instead of where the UN inspectors are allowed to go? And let us not believe that the UN inspection team is a wholly disinterested party here, either. They seem to be milking these inspections for far too long - I think in a way they see their role as prolonging this period before the resumption of hostilities with Iraq and so they keep issuing ambiguous, ever-changing reports about the state of Iraqi compliance.

Well that’s not the problem considering that U.S.A objective is no longer to disarm Irak, that is just the casus belli. Your president wants a war and he will get one. Details like this will be solved after the invation (which they say it has already started).

“which they say it has already started”


I presume that reference was to the heavier bombing that has occurred lately.

This is the oddest question.

Say your mom thinks you have pot in your room. Is she more likely to find it if (a) you stand in the room and point to places you will let her look, or (b) she sends you to Grandma’s house and rips your room apart when you are gone?


The thinking is:

The only reason we can’t find the WMD now is because Saddam (as head of the regime) is hiding them. Once Saddam is gone then he will be replaced by Tommy Franks (US General) and the top three layers of the Iraqi government will be filled by US military personnel.

The US will then have access to all the secret information that Saddam currently has access to. They will also be able to interrogate all top Iraqi politicians, scientists, intelligence agents etc at their leisure.

The top Iraqis will now be able to talk freely about what they did (they can just blame it all on Saddam). Most importantly, the US will now have control of Iraqi Intelligence and access to all their documents, sources, personnel etc

The only way Iraq could continue to hide WMD would be if a cabal of top Iraqis loyal to Saddam’s regime created a kind of secret shadow government that operated under the noses of the Americans. But since the US would be at the top of the tree and be in full control of every Government ministry then this would be nearly impossible to pull off.

And, in any case, why would they even try? Once Saddam has gone all loyalty to his regime will crumble as those politicians who are still around (those who are too lowly to have been arrested) will jockey for favour with the US in an attempt to gain a top position in the new Iraqi Government after the US has left.

It is far more likely that top Iraqis will be falling over themselves to reveal details of Saddam’s regime once they don’t have to fear Saddam.

They could try and continue to hide WMD but what would be the point? They can’t use them with America at the head of the regime and if America found out about their deceit (as they almost certainly would) then they would be in big trouble.

In fact, I suspect that one of the reasons for this war may be to find out what Iraqi Intelligence knows about al Qaida. I know there isn’t much evidence for any official links between Saddam and al Q but it seems likely that Iraqi Intelligence will have a great deal more info than is publicly known.

They may not have actually acted on this info but they will probably have the info filed away somewhere - names, addresses, financial details etc. Iraqi Intelligence will probably also know a lot about where to buy illicit WMD materials - the conduits used by terrorists and so on.

All this info will help either directly catch terrorists or at least find out info about the people the terrorists are dealing with. It may also give a good idea of what kind of weapons al Q probably has or may have access to.

In fact, Iraqi Intelligence is probably a goldmine of information relating to the terrorist underworld. Even if they haven’t actually done anything with all their information, they probably have tons of stuff that could be useful. In the event of war starting, one of the first things Saddam will do will be to begin shredding documents by the shedload.

Perhaps estilicon is referring to some sketchy reports that special forces are already on the ground, in the no-fly zones and the desert. But really, the Gulf War has never stopped, just slowed down and taken a few rests from time to time.

Say your mom thinks you have pot in your room. Is she more likely to find it if (a) you stand in the room and point to places you will let her look, or (b) she sends you to Grandma’s house and rips your room apart when you are gone?

Ah, great analogy SuaSponte. In this case though your mom would take control of the pot and smoke it all to herself :slight_smile:

Jay Leno said that the first thing we would do is send their defense control systems 3,000 precision guided missles. If you sent 3,000 precision guided missles into someones room cause you want the pot, well, you wouldn’t need to look for it after that. No word on why if they are precision guided, why they need that many :slight_smile:

Ahh but she cant do that because all of her son’s classmates and friends are chanting outside her house protesting “no Grandma for homework” or other such nonesense. She still has to explain herself to these little children why her actions were necesary or else she might not get another term as mommy.

There’s also the parallel question of what happens if we get there, get access to everything and find out that Saddam didn’t have WMD?

Please provide a cite for how the UN inspectors are currently prevented from going wherever they want. And Sua, feel free to pitch in, since your “great analogy” espoused the same idea.

As for the OP, I agree with most of what JoJo wrote. And yes, Tuckerfan, that is a much more interesting question. My answer? Invent something!

I point out that Saddam does not yet have nukes; one reason we go to destroy him is to stop him from obtaining them. He does have other WMD, and we have found strong evidence that were being hid from UN inspectors.

What evidence? I keep hearing about all this evidence we have, bu nobody’s actually pointed anything out.


I also was of the understanding that no one was claiming that Iraq has nukes.
Sine the FBI determined that it’s possible for someone with a several thousand dollars and a garage to make their own weapons grade anthrax, all we could ever realistically hope to find is all of the facilities cpapble of producing industrial size quantities of various WMD.
I suspect that things like mustard gas can be produce in lethal quantities by determined individuals in a garage too.