If we just tell the truth about a car...

‘Sometimes, if we just tell the truth about a car, it sells itself.’

Thus spake the local Hyundai dealer (who should hire an actor – no thespian, he!). What does that imply? ‘Sometimes telling the truth about a car won’t sell a car. So we’d better lie.’?

Can you give an example?

He may mean just pointing out the reports on its reliability, its gas mileage, how much it costs compared to other cars and other objective facts that will make the care more appealing to the consumer and how doing that is more important than having flashy commericals or rebate deals.

Right. It’s just that the way he said it, there is the implication of dishonesty when he’s selling other cars. Not that I’m making accusations; just noting the implication inherent in the phrasing. Truly mundane and pointless observation.

Reading between the lines, I get, “Sometimes the truth doesn’t sell a car, so we resort to other means.”

I think this is more about being in sales than it is about cars. If people choose the car they want, what’s the role of the salesman?

I propose a person in sales would probably believe he has an important role in getting more people to buy his product than otherwise would - yet, obviously, he is not going to change the product - so what is he going to do? Maybe it is lying. But there are a great many other things, that sort of fall into the category of persuasion. Maybe that would include pointing out things that are true but unknown to the customer, or pointing out things that are debatable but not simple points of truth.

I think buying the appropriate car would be easier if we mail ordered them from the manufacturer for a fixed price, or maybe had access to sample cars (so we could test things like the comfort of the driving posture that we can’t find by reading).

We recently bought a new Hyundai Elantra. The car did sell itself and the salesman damn near killed the deal with one of the usual, sneaky, underhanded tricks many car salesmen use.

He’s not suggesting that sometimes HE lies to sell other cars.

He’s suggesting that the OTHER DEALERS often lie when selling their cars, whereas his superior Hyundai products don’t need lies to sell them.

Under-message: He’s a GOOD guy, they’re BAD guys. Come buy from the good guy.

Seem’s pretty clear to me.

We have a local auto dealer who uses the catchphrase “I wouldn’t lie to you.” on every one of his commercials. He’s the butt of a lot of jokes, and even a parody ad on the radio. I immediately distrust someone who says he wouldn’t lie to me.