If we nuked the moon, could we see it from Earth?

I can’t be the only one curious about this

We did this recently.
The consensus was it would be very hard to see with the naked eye.

Made one of the funniest Mr. Show sketches ever!

wut. that never happened.

Use English, please.

There was a plan to do this, called Project A119.


The science team involved believed the effects would be visible, and that was with a very small weapon. A large city-buster would certainly be visible if you were watching at the right time.

So there were two project A119s? The one I linked to in my OP, and the one in your Wiki link?


I’m sorry, but it’s simply too cool to not be linked to twice.

If they put this to a worldwide referendum asking if everyone on earth shuld be taked to pay to set off nuclear bombs on the moon, I’d quit my job to work for the “yes” campaign. Nuking the moon is 1,000 megatons of awesome.

You’ve been watching too much Space: 1999

If anything, nuking the moon would be even less impressive than the Transit of Venus snoozefest.

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