If we wanted to attack any country...

I’ve just read that the U.S. has 75,000 troops in South Korea and Japan, and 10,000 in Europe – mostly in Hungary and Bosnia.

This made me wonder… if we found ourselves attacked and drawn into war… or even if we looked at the world like a game of Risk, and simply wanted to conquer a nation, where would we activate our standing forces?

Would it be in Japan, which is technically forbidden to have a standing army? Or would we use the 10,000 in Europe, surrounded by small, suddenly-hostile armies?

I’m not asking “What if we attacked France?” and I’m not talking about sending Navy vessels or airstrikes.

I’m saying: If we wanted to catch a country totally by surprise, and send our stationed troops on the offensive, who would be the best target?

Canada. Lotsa resources, they depend on us for defense so their military is third world in size, if not technology (although I heard the upkeep neglect takes alot of that advantage away), and we could occupy and be settled in every foot of that country before the UK would have a chance to say WTF. too isolated to get any real help from the rest of Nato too. I always wondered why we put up with them thinking they have self determinedsoveriegnty. :stuck_out_tongue: j/k… kinda

But do we have troops there?

The question is, if we ordered our troops stationed in a country (theoretically to defend them, like Saudi Arabia or South Korea) to violate our treaty and rise up out of nowhere and attack, what country do we have the best chance of surprising?

If we have troops in Canada – well, how many? The whole point of this blitzkreig is to not send any new troops; simply to order our standing forces, currently stationed in another country (ally or enemy), to attack.


If this were 1950, this would be a valid question.

Back in the days when you attacked a country by sending thousands of soldiers onto a beach, sheer numbers were very important.

But, in the days of ICBMs, stealth bombers, cruise missiles, SLBMs, and the like, we could attack and destroy any target in the world within an hour of the decision to attack.

Now, attacking and destroying a target, or group of targets, is different than invading and occupying a nation. That takes a lot of soldiers. To quickly move thousands of soldiers, the military could rapidly activate its reserve forces and fly them to the staging area using military and commercial transports. This, obviously, isn’t a half-hour deal. More like a week.

But, when in human history has a nation been able to destroy anything, anywhere, at any time? Let alone be able to invade and occupy a country within a week.

I don’t know what your question was getting at, but there you go.

What is the official word regarding Japan and defense? Where can the official laws/rules be found?


:wink: [sup]It is not a country, but that is the beauty of the whole idea. It is part of FRANCE![/sup][/ul]

Our beach landing troops would not be in danger from mines, but from tripping over the French politicians kneeling with their hands thrust straight into the air.

You want Article 9 of the Constitution of Japan.

“(1) Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.
(2) In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained.
(3) The right of aggression of the state will not be recognized.”


Japan’s government is prohibited by the constitution of that country from having a standing military force. What they do have, though, is the Self Defense Forces (Land, Maritime, and Air) to defend the country from outside attack.

First Rule of Risk - only invade what you can defend.

Therefore, Cuba from the base at Gito.
Recruit collaboraters from the School of the Americas.
Send more Drug War “Advisors” south.
Columbia and Mexico first.

Falklands or Fight!

This is a very old joke pal, it was funny last week though.

Any country with lots of oil - so it isnt as expensive to buy it.
Not Canada because its too oversized, cold, and we pretty much have everything they do, just more.

I suppose it would surprise you to learn that the largest supplier of oil to the US is Canada, then? The list of natural resources that Canada has in greater supply than the US is longer than your arm. Americans never cease to amaze me.

Alberta has huge reserves of oil. Canada is awash in fresh water. BC’s forests are massive. Ontario has a huge manufacturing base.

And it sure would be easier for the U.S. to simply defend ports of entry to the continent, rather than the border between the U.S. and Canada. Any Risk player knows that!

Take Mexico, then jump to Venezuela. If wars are for oil, get it close to home. Mexico could be the 51-4 states. We could give Venezuela a couple also.

How come I paid $1.70 a gallon yesterday?

Hey, I’m paying over $3 a gallon, and I’m IN Alberta. Gas here right now is .76/liter.

Do oil prices in Canada flucuate with whatever makes prices in the USA change?