If you are sick, is it beneficial to purify the air so you don't rebreathe the virus which you exhale?

Articles have mentioned that the severity of CV19 might have some correlation to the initial viral load someone is infected with. So if someone gets a small initial load, they could have more mild symptoms. This make sense since it seems like your body is better able to overcome the headstart from a small infection compared to a large infection. But while you are sick, we have all learned that you are shedding active virus through exhaled droplets. This is often mentioned in how other people get sick, but what about making yourself even sicker? If someone coughs out millions of virus into the air, is there any benefit to ensuring those virus don’t just get inhaled back in? It seems like any virus which your body doesn’t have to fight would help you get better quicker, no matter whether that was from antibody attacks or from just expelling the virus directly through your breath. But from a practical sense, would it make any kind of difference to purify the air to ensure that expelled virus particles aren’t inhaled back in?

I have no factual answer and I doubt that there is one.

I am also not a doctor.

Your body is trying to get rid of it. If the disease is throwing some of itself off, letting it not come back only seems like it could help. In the worst case, your body is already at 100% viral load and it simply can’t bring any of the respirated coronas back into the body, so you couldn’t get any sicker whether you had the purifier or not, but the worst case is probably not the most likely, at a guess.