If you buy E-Books, you're getting money back...

…probably. Since the Supreme Court refused to hear Apple’s appeal, they have lost their price fixing Class action so everyone who bought an e-book between 2010 and 2012 is getting a partial refund. Note, not just Apple store users, Kindle users and others also since the case was that they conspired with publishers to raise prices for everyone. Some details are here.

The way my wife buys ebooks for her Nook, I expect she’ll rack up a fortune. In in-store credit, of course. But hey, free ebooks. That might make her day just a little bit.

The cost of eBooks is what made me go back to buying paper books. When I started seeing eBooks cost the same or more then the paperback I switched back. Now I can go back to lending or donating books again.

Bad news, buddy. B&N has pulled the plug on the Nook. Your wife has till March 15 to save all those books.

I knew they would! When I was shopping for e-readers I went into B&N and asked the saleslady about this very possibility. She gave me the most sour look in the world, but I was not asking to be snarky or a bitch, but to find out if it was really worth it to buy one. I didn’t expect her to come out and be like “No, it’s going to tank, don’t buy it,” but I thought she would at least say something reassuring.

She did not. I bought a kindle.

Is that a UK site? What’s happening, if I understand correctly (which I’m not 100% sure I do) is that on March 15, nook is shutting down its UK store (see here or here), which is a big deal to UK nook users but shouldn’t directly affect customers in the US (beyond possibly serving as an omen). Also, it is shutting down its nook App Store (which sells apps, not books, for nook tablets) and nook video store.

I agree with you, Thudlow. Nothing in the article says they’re pulling in or shutting down ebook operations, only tablet app and video. Those were never a big thing in our household; everyone has regular Android tablets for those, and the Nooks are pretty much only for ebooks.

In the UK, B&N is getting completely out of the digital business.

In the US, Nook applications (their own App Store, or Nook-tailored versions of apps in the Play store) and Nook video are going away, including in-app purchasing. But “NOOK is committed to continue offering a great selection of NOOK Books, NOOK Newspapers, NOOK Magazines and NOOK Kids Books.” So the only real use-case my family has for Nooks seems to be continuing.

There’s nothing to say B&N isn’t going to eventually dry up and blow away, but that’s the persistent risk of any DRM-encumbered digital media: you’re really only renting, not buying; entirely at the support and sufferance of the vendor.