"If you can't sug it, fug it."

Back when I was working at NAPA auto parts store, one of the other counter guys who had been working with cars for a while claimed that there were two automotive cleaners made for cars, one named Sug and the other named Fug. Furthermore he claimed, very seriously I might add, that they were always advertised together with the tagline “If you can’t Sug it, Fug it.”

Frankly, I think he was trying to pass me the ol’ rubber chicken but I put it to the Teeming Millions if anyone can possibly verify what he was trying to tell me.

This comes from a stand up routine by Redd Foxx. It involved Laundry detergent. My father used to have it on casette, and it was a joke that would pop up once in a while. I always interpereted it to mean 'Sometimes you just gotta toss your hands up and say “FUG IT” ’

I’m sure that it’s root probly go back farther than that. AS comics do love to reuse old jokes and make plenty of pop culture references.

Redd Foxx

Sneed’s Feed and Seed, formerly known as Chug’s

Fuggin’ A. That sure brings back memories. :slight_smile: