If you could back up your brain...

How much space would it take? We can fit the whole encyclopedia on one CD, but, how many ‘facts’ does the normal brain hold in comparison (i.e. birthdays, how to speak, how to drive a stick shift, who you went to high-school with). Any ideas?

-Scientist Spankboy

From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee-

It would vary a lot between individuals and also over the lifetime of any one individual. Do you mean all that’s in there or just what one can recall?

I sure wish I’d backed mine up when I was 20 and knew everything.

Well, you’ve got to remember that the encyclopedia is mostly text. If you want to go for memory, and only memory, it’s going to include a lot of jpegs and wav files, so is going to take a lot of memory (memory takes memory, who’d’a thunk it?).

See, that’s what I was thinking-the memory of you doing something, like riding your bike, or going through Basic Training, would be like AVI files, which are hogs.

Also, how could you replicate smells? How much drive space would ‘fresh baked bread’ take?

From Hell’s heart, I stab at thee-