If you could fix the U.S. presidential election, would you?

This question stems from an argument I had with a friend several months back.

I said I would not, for two main reasons: (1) I thought it was obnoxious to presume that my research and opinions superseded everyone else’s. (2) Even supposing that it DID, I would rather work on changing the minds of the American people through a grassroots effort. I think working to actually change people’s minds, or at least get them to re-examine their thinking, is more productive than imposing your will on people who are resistant to your ideas.

He said he would, and his reasoning was essentially this: we are in a precarious position as a nation right now. Most obviously in reference to our economic situation, but in many other ways as well: environmentally, militarily, and morally. If it took some dishonest activity to get the right person in power and save our nation, that was a more noble course of action than watching our nation crumble because we wouldn’t do whatever was necessary to get the right person in power.

I thought it was an interesting response, so I’m interested in hearing more opinions on this. Would you throw the election if you could, and why or why not?

I would not. Perhaps the ends would justify the means if a genocidal maniac was one of the candidates, but short of that, I would not hope for anything but a legitimate victory for my candidate.

Ooh good point. If one of the contenders were a genocidal maniac I’d throw the vote.

I would not and you summed up the reasons quite well.

Since it is patently obvious that my opinion is the only valid one, sure I would.

But it would have to be under specific circumstances. Having a Republican president isn’t a problem as long as the Democrats control both houses of Congress, for example. But to prevent the Republicans from having control…in a heartbeat. Democracy be damned! My way uber alles!

I don’t know what this is about. If you throw a fight, it means to take a dive, to give up. Why would anyone do that in an election? To throw a party means to hold a party. So in that regard, we already have an election, and the people, of whom I am one, throws an election already.

What are we talking about here?

Oh you’re right. I meant if you could fix the election, not throw it.

Wait, when you say fix do you mean … :slight_smile:

Depends upon how much they’re willing to pay me to do it. :slight_smile:

Bloody hell, no. Democracy may not be sacred, but it’s very close to it.

If I had that power, somehow, I’d report myself to the FBI, and work with them diligently to make sure that no one else ever attains it!

(However…if I had a couple billion dollars, yeah, I confess, I’d probably use twenty million of it to buy superPAC ads for candidates and causes I favor. Not quite the same thing…is it?)

Does the OP ask if I would commit crimes in order to change an election outcome? No. No politician is worth me risking a minute in prison.

Does the OP ask if I would do anything within the letter of the law (including spending boatloads of money) to prevent someone I saw as a catastrophic choice from gaining office? Probably.

But I wouldn’t do the same to get a “favorite” elected over someone who I thought was merely mediocre or poor.

No. I’m not in marketing.

It would be wrong, but I’d do it.

Yes, without a seconds hesitation.

No… it’s fucking Romney. If wins, my first words will be “huh…” and go about my day. I don’t believe there will be much change either way depending on who gets elected, and the economy wouldn’t be fixed. I wouldn’t even throw it if it were Bush, the fact that the election-breaking loophole exists for other people would keep me up nights. Assuming the Illuminati aren’t already in it.

If Norsefire is gaining votes or something I might consider it.

Sure. Sounds cheaper and easier than getting a handful of multimillionaires to fund my super PACs.

Absolutely. 'Cause I’m an arrogant, amoral asshole.

Given time, I might come up with a morally and logically sound argument that it would be right to do so, but it would be a lie.