If you could fund something for a year, what would it be?

You’re rich. Like disgustingly, insanely, couldn’t spend it all in your lifetime if you really really tried rich. But you want to do something worthy with your dough. So you decide that for one year, you will fully fund a worthy person, business, cause, or organization, after which they’re going to sink or swim. Obviously they can’t be related to you in any way.

Who do you choose?

Something like Doctors without Borders, Red Cross or Amnesty International, probably.

Partners in Health

They do some amazing work for some of the world’s most needy people, and very effectively spend their dollars.

The Democratic Party.

Oxfam, or Amnesty International.

Human Rights Campaign.

Clean water for those who need it.

Donorschoose.org. So long as the site admins vet the project and deem it legit, consider it paid for by me.

In fact, thank you for starting this thread, because it reminded me that I hadn’t given to anything there in quite a while. I have, now.