If You Could Hear Sounds From 2-30 Hz-What Would You Hera?

Do any animals emit sonds of such low frequencies? Would you hear your house emitting sounds as it warmed up? How about the earth itself?
Are there any interesting things going on in this frequency range?

Horny elephants communicate at about 15 Hz. I suppose if you were a bull elephant you might find this interesting.

Same with the American Alligator.



Magma. Techtonics, too.

Beached whales, maybe.


The Bloop.

The 64’ pipe in the organ at the Atlantic City Auditorium, which puts out a note (if you can call it a “note”) of just EIGHT Hz. It’s supposed to feel like a helicopter hovering over the building.

Beat Me.

What Would You Hera?


Magnetohydrodynamic propulsion system on a submarine?

Wrong forum. :smiley: