If you could relocate a town/city to a different place, which would it be and why?

If I could uproot Tucson, AZ and relocate it somewhere like… say, between Cleveland and Rochester… I’d totally live there.

For the rules of this thread, the things you like about the city would stay the same. For example, Tucson would continue to have amazing Mexican food, despite no longer being a stone’s throw from the actual Mexican border.

I like the culture of Tucson, the thrift shops and junk shops, the crazy variety of people, the FOOD, and I have a lot of friends who still live there who I’d love living close to again. Plus my mom lives there and maybe if we lived closer we’d develop a closer relationship.

As to the location, it has four distinct seasons, beautiful scenery, enough snow in the winter to satisfy me, warm enough summers to enjoy swimming and other outdoor activities, colorful autumns, flower-filled cheerful springs… About the only that could make it better would be mountains (which Tucson has in its current location).

So what city/town would you move and why? (i.e. what do you like about the town, and what do you like about the new location that would make it the perfect place.)

If I could uproot Springfield and put it outside Orlando, I’d be golden. No more of these soul-crushing winters, easy proximity to Disneyworld and the ocean. But I would still have my job, my family, my house…

I’m taking this opportunity to tell everybody about Lordy Rodriguez, an artist who was born in the Philippines but moved here young; he got much of his education in Houston so I’ve seen his work in several shows.

His first series was States of America, in which he visualizes a scrambled country, mixing cities & natural features–along with imaginary places, etc. The 'net shows a bunch of his work but this link has a Zoom feature that gives a hint of the beautiful details that make you want to visit those places.

He’s moved on to more abstract but still map-based art. Still excellent…

I would go to San Luis Obispo on the coast of California if I couldn’t live in my present location.

I live in DC, because I have to. It’s a nice enough city, but I hate the climate. I’m not a winter person at all.

If I had my way, I’d locate it somewhere along the equator. I like hot weather, I find the tropical wet season/dry season thing a lot more fun than having four seasons (and I’d MUCH rather have short, dramatic storms that last around an hour than drizzle that lasts for days), and I find myself feeling more balanced in places that have a relatively even year round day length and plenty of sunshine.

This is the burning question in my life; I want to move out of Calgary, but I haven’t found any place that we want to move to. I would take Calgary, downsize it by half, then move it a little bit further south, but still keep the mountains an hour away. Maybe I’d drop the altitude a little bit too, so my growing season was longer.

I’d move Chicago to somewhere along the Florida coast. I hate winter and I miss spending entire winters without seeing a single snowflake.

There are three large or largeish cities I know well, and I think I’d relocate two of them.

London - I’d move this to southern California. It’s where I’d really like to live, all other things being equal, but the climate could do with some improvement. Somewhere like San Diego sounds just fine.

Philadelphia - that can stay where it is.

Glasgow, Scotland - I’d move this to roughly where Moscow is. It might help with the ned problem in winter, because surely even neds wouldn’t walk about in nothing but nylon soccer shirts and trackies when it’s -30C. Or would they?

I would move LA to North Dakota, just because it would be funny.

I’d move San Francisco to a mile down the road from me, here in GA. It’s my kind of town, and I hate that it’s on the other side of the country from me.

I’d also move D.C. to the middle of Antarctica, just to see if the rest of the country would really miss it.