If you could see ANY rock act in history....

Inspired by this thread: You can see any rock act in history, including now ones with now-dead people or ones broken up.

I’d go with The Beatles, because they are one act I never saw live. Second choice would be ABBA, who I did see live on their one US tour.

The Doors, without a doubt. I’d love to take that psychedelic musical journey with Dr. Mojo Rising…

(Although they’re not my *favorite *band - but the one I think I most missed out on by never seeing live.)

Honestly, the one band I truly regret never seeing is Slade. I’ve seen just about a ka-billion bands live in places ranging from teeny clubs to hube stadia. But never got to see Noddy and the boys.

Led Zeppelin.

I’ve got the DVD of various live performances and it’s magnificent. What I’d give to watch them perform, especially Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven and Black Dog.

I think Hendrix or the Doors.

Led Zeppelin was my first concert. Day on the Green, Day 1, july 1977

The Monterey Pop Festival.

I wouldn’t even be born for another 3+ years, but man, that looked like one rockin’ scene.

The Beatles and Little Feat with Lowell George.

Jeff Beck Group, right at the release of their first album, Truth. Rod Stewart, Ronnie Wood, Mickie Most and El Becko at the height of their powers.

Beyond that - the ones mentioned here - the Beatles, Hendrix (although Monterey Pop is the better choice, per robardin - a friend went and said it was everything they say it was…), Led Zeppelin.

I would add the Stones around Exile - I know, they were whacked on drugs, but to hear Mick Taylor’s leads with the boys on Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ and All Down the Line would’ve been special…

Queen. Definitely. I’ve seen material from their concerts and it just… wow.

Also Hendrix, and Kingston Wall. Awesome Finnish band, even when the lead singer started going all wacky with that whole Ior Bock business.

Geez, where to start…Probaby the Clash, followed by The Ramones in 78 or so, The Minutmen or firehose, The Replacements, Barry and the Remains, The Woggles before Mighty Montague died, The Kaisers, The Ramones, The Dukes of Hamburg, The Mummies, The Sonics, The Monks, The Gories, The Oblivians, Thee Mighty Caesers, MC5, Thee Headcoats.
Just off the top of my head, I’ll think of more later.

tough one… two that come to mind are:

Pink Floyd (The Wall)

Bruce Springsteen when he was rocking out for four hours. I still like him but he has mellowed, at least on his albums.

The Last Waltz-type concert with all sorts of great performers at one venue.

Hmmmm…Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat.

Queen. For my money, Freddie Mercury was possibly the best front-man for a rock group, ever. I regret that I never saw them live.

No hippy festivals or stadium gigs for me.

1967 Hendrix at the Marquee.

Cavern era Beatles not a post-fame screamathon.

1978 edition Soft Boys.

Oh lordy I’ve though of another:

The Who, the actual Live at Leeds gig.

I did see Thin Lizzy around the time they made Live and Dangerous. Awsome.

I saw The Doors at the Roundhouse in London, 1968 (if memory serves). Incredible.

As for acts I missed, it would have to be Elvis, the early stage appearances (1955, 56).

Lucky bastard, that’s who I came in here to say, they’re the only band who I will not be able to see that I’d like to.


I’m a Freddie fan forever!

Definitely The Clash and The Talking Heads.

Stevie Ray Vaughan