If You Enjoy Joseph Campbell

Then you might like Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions by T. W. Doane. His book predates Campbell’s work by more than fifty years, but he touches on areas that Campbell skipped in his works. Currently, I’m ever so slowly transcribing it into electronic format, since it’s not that easy to get a copy of the book. So far, I’ve got the introduction, and the first chapter done and posted here (Warning Angelfire site!) in .pdf format. You can also read an excerpt on the book without having to download the .pdf file. I’m working on getting the rest of the book transcribed, though it’s taking longer than I thought (I figured it give me something to do while I waited for the Boards to load, and then Jerry had to go and give the hamsters steroids, so now it doesn’t take an eternity for the boards to load, so I’m spending my time surfing.). I’d also like to say thanks to XJETGIRLX, who’s been redoing the illustrations for the book. She’s done great work so far, I’ve had difficulty telling her illustrations from the ones originally in the book!

Anywho, if you click on my homepage button, you’ll be able to keep track of my progress in transcribing the book. If there’s a lot of positive responses to this thread, I may bump it up whenever I get a chapter completed. Oh, and any comments about improving the site the files are housed on would be appreciated.

Looks interesting.

I’d recommend Tim Callahan’s Secret Origings of the Bible, which came out just this year, for a more up-to-date work on the same

Also, Other People’s Myths by Wendy Doniger is good.