If you found an unlabeled CD, would you play it?

I’m invoIved in some poltical causes, and I’ve thought of a novel way of spreading information.

I’m going to burn some CD’s wiith both music and some spoken word readings of essays on them. I’m also going to include text versions of the essays, and links to relevant websites. Then I’ll hand them out at events or just leave them in public places. The fact that there’s music on it would make people more like

So… If you found a CD, would you take it and play it? What should we put on the label - or write directly on the CD to make you curious?

I wouldn’t play it, no. Not if I found it laying around on the ground.

If someone official were passing it around at an event I was attending, I’d be more likely to.

In this day and age of computer viruses and such, this is kind of like asking whether I’d eat a sandwich I found laying on the ground.

I do think it’s a good idea, though. Maybe audio tapes instead? You won’t be able to get as much info across or in such an attractive way, but there’s no danger in playing a cassette.

So… If you found a CD, would you take it and play it?

Why, a bunch of randomly-oriented, multi-sized question marks, of course! While I wouldn’t play a un-labeled CD, I wouldn’t be able to resist a question-marked mystery CD.

Okay, let’s try this again. It may annoy the hamsters to crank out yet another post, but it’s in the interest of clarity.

Probably not. But…

Why, a bunch of randomly-oriented, multi-sized question marks, of course! While I wouldn’t play a un-labeled CD, I wouldn’t be able to resist a question-marked mystery CD.

I randomly strewn CDs around myself. Not exactly unlabeled - the labels had (hopefully) eye-catching graphics on it, plus the Compact Disc Audio Logo to indicate what type of CD the person had in there hands, and a (unique to each CD) bit of text along the lines of (L)1999 Commercial & Grant, (L)1999 Purple Onion Floor, (L)1999 Cannabis Cafe Lounge, etc.

The first track was a little clip of me saying (in my best Don Pardo voice,) “The material contained on this Laser Audiodisc is copylefted. A copy has been left for you to find. Information wants to be free.” It got progressively weirder from there.

Preview… right…

“I have randomly…”

I have also forgotten to answer the OP. I wouldn’t hesitate to check out a “found” CD. It’s pretty safe, as long as you’re sensible. I never have auto-insert notification enabled anyway. If it’s plain that it’s an audio CD, no harm can come from putting it in a stand-alone player, unless it’s covered in goo or sandpaper, or something.

If I found an unlabeled CD, I think there’s a 40-50% chance I’d play it.

On the other hand, if I found one that looked like the Riddler made it, I think there’d be 100% chance I’d want to know what’s on it.

I would almost certainly check it out, but maybe even moreso if it were a DVD or a CD ROM.

Over the years I have found both a VHS tape, which I played (very high quality porn: yay!), and a floppy disk, which I put in my computer (some Spanish dude’s résumé: boo!).

Sure, why not? If you’re worried about viruses, don’t play it on your computer. Just play it in an audio only player. If that doesn’t work, bring it to work and see what’s on it. :slight_smile:

No. Because I saw The Ring, and it scared the hell out of me.

I know the movie had a VHS cassette, but why couldn’t that soggy little girl infect a cd too?

It will work but listen to Larry Mudd and label them in some intriguing manner. I manged a band years ago and got everyone we knew to write the band’s name on every banknote that passed through their hands.

Maybe I did mange them, but I was their manager.

If it was just an audio cd that I could pop in the stereo, without a doubt.
Video for my DVD, more than likely.
BUT if it was for my PC…I’d probably have it scanned before I loaded it into MY computer.

If it was in a jacket/case and had certain keywords like, FREE, GET RICH, SECRET, WARNING, etc. most folks (me included) would have to know. I’d find out whatever was on it or even if nothing was on it. Maybe especially then :wink:

My wife got caught on a scam like that. Some folks were handing out discs in cardboard sleeves w/ free internet service printed on the front. Then it went into a sermon…join our church, etc. BUT it did offer free service to members of the church, plus the newsletter, and some other crap.

Only thing is the membership wasn’t free. :smiley: They wanted IIRC like $20 as a donation to help whatever their damned cause was, “Feed the hungry” maybe.
Hell, my kids are always hungry, so I let that go.
(AND then there were the TOLL charges, be very careful)

BUT it seemed like a pretty slick scam.

If I found it at a function, say a fund raiser or rally, with other blank or similarly marked CDs, I would probably be willing to play it, because I would assume it would be something I was interested in. If, out of the blue, you, a total stranger, handed it to me, vaguely explaining what it was, the liklihood decreases. If it was marked with anything vaguely resembling “AOL free trial”, then forget it.

In any case, I would only play it as an audio CD, and certainly not on my PC.

Where did I leave that??

Huh, strange I’m feeling like a minority that I wouldn’t play it. Not for fear of a computer virus, but because at my own job we get a few bad burns that we toss out or toss around like frisbees. If I found an unlabelec CD, I’d just think it was a “coaster” and toss it.

Now, covered in question marks or fancy graphics, I might check it out to see if there was info that pointed to its rightful owner, but totally unlabelled and lying around would be a “coaster” to me.

I agree w/ you there. I can’t even begin to count how many discs I’ve gotten like that. What the hell are they good for? It seems like such a damned waste to me. I’ve probably disposed of at least a hundred (WAG) of those AOL trial discs over the years.

So, if the disc had naked women on it, you’re there? :wink:

Like white on rice.

If it was unlabeled I would probably assume it was blank. I like the question mark idea.

Of course I would play it. I would play it sooner if it said something like “breathe” on it.