If you had to choose, which country should take over the US and why?

I say Spain. They’ve got a nice non-dysfunctional royal family (and it would be fun to have royalty again, now that they know their place) and loads of good wine we wouldn’t have to pay import duties on. And I’d be able to move to Barcelona without getting entangled in red tape.

Britain would be OK too, as long as they do something about the licensing laws first.

Actually, I’d cheerfully surrender to almost any Western European country, and probably Australia as well (though I’m not sure since I’ve never been there). And yes, I’m a lousy excuse for an American.

How 'bout you?

Jamaica. Reggae replaces Top 40, everyone’s very laid back, and uhhhhh… other reasons.

I’d say France. Then we could take it back again without a fight.

This is exactly the reason I am not worried about the meek inheriting the earth. They’re meek, we’ll just take it away from them again.

As for the OP, I’d say Canada. Better beer, little cultural change.

Canada. Easy pickins…Though I hear the wimmenfolk are of questionable virtute :stuck_out_tongue:

I beg to differ. Canada has culture…Definitely better beer, though.

How about any of the Indian Nations that have a claim pre-dating our own to this beautiful country.

Not that I would remotely support anyone in this venture or for that matter give anyone a snowball’s chance in hell to take us over. We are the epitomy of an armed citizenry.


And they could do it because we wouldn’t be expecting it. :smiley:

beagledave - questionable virtues? Those are fighting words.

That’s it, we’re taking you over. First thing I’m gonna do is get you fixed for questioning the purity of our womenfolk, Pamela Anderson excluded. You can question her virtues all you want.


Selfish reason: Airfare between Washington and Stockholm would drop, as their political leaders would need to visit the colonies often.

Selfless reason: Progressive socialism rules. :slight_smile:

Mexico. I was watching Univision last night, and man those women are hot. Plus, Cuervo Gold is the nectar of the gods.

The beer, the sake, the porn, the…what else do they have?

Oh, yeah, no crime or fundamentalists.

::starts singing “salescrow” song::

For those who know me, can you guess which country I will propose?

Switzerland! Good chocolate, more accurate clocks, the trains will run on time, and they’ll clean up this dump. Everytime I ask someone who’s been to Switzerland “so, how did you like it?” the first sentence is invariably “it’s so clean over there.”

Plus we’ll have banks you can trust. :smiley:

Canada. I doubt we’d notice any difference, except for a better national healthcare plan.

And think about kicking butt in BOTH Olympic hockey and basketball.


Can I change my answer to Sealand?

That should be GREENLAND

I think Australia should take over the US. Then you can all work in bars in London. And you’d all probably have to learn how to play cricket.

The Netherlands. I prefer to go Dutch on dates.

Duchy of Grand Fenwick: it worked out OK, the last time.