If you had use of your Daddy's T-bird, where would you cruise to?

I like to have fun fun fun as much as anyone else but you’ve got to play the long game.
I’d go to the library just like I told my old man that I would and I’d come home right afterward. I’d keep this up for a few months throughout the school year, building up trust. Then I’d maybe stop at the hamburger stand on my way to the library. By Spring Break, my Daddy would trust me completely and I could then take the T-bird anywhere I wanted and he’d be none the wiser.

I dunno, but I’d take Long Tall Sally with me.

She’s built for speed.

Screw that, I’m making a beeline for Surf City.

Pssssshaw. Nobody gonna take my car; I’m gonna race it to the ground.

You make the Indy 500 look like a Roman chariot race.

I’d head for the sunset, ideally moving as fast as the sun.

Hey, Buddy, how can I get this car…out…of…sec…ond…gear?

Baby, you can drive my car.

I’d be drivin’ all night, my hands wet on the wheel.

Jesus built my car! It’s a love affair, mainly Jesus, and my hot rod!

CMC fnord!

Who needs a T-Bird; I’ve got a Cadillac - long and dark, shiny and black.

Man, as much as I want a hamburger right now, I’d probably go to the library. I’m such a rule-follower. Plus, I do like books, and they’ve got DVDs too.

To the Love Shack.

What, in that Chrysler of yours? It’s as big a whale!

You could say I went right up to the factory and picked mine up, it’s cheaper that way.

I’ve always wondered why Springsteen has a pink Cadillac.

I got a Chevy, and I’m taking it to the levee. …

Damn - it’s dry!

If I only have a choice of those three destinations, I’d rather go for a ride in my Bucket T.

I’d be the blonde in the blue T-bird. I’d drive a long long way, you’d follow in your Chevrolet, and it would soon be clear, why I brought you here. :wink:

In my dreams, it’d be a Cadillac.
It’s the finest lookin’ car, that ever rolled of the line
Any other car would just be wasting your time
Ooh one fine day I’m gonna make a Cadillac mine