If you met me IRL

Would you be more likely to:

A.Shake my hand
B.“Gibbs” slap me

explain your answer, quoting my posts as necessary.

Since I have no idea what B. is, probably not that. I’m not much of a hand shaker of strangers either. More likely I would just stand (or sit, but I probably wouldn’t get up if I were sitting) and talk to you.

Well then, no, I don’t hit people on a first date.

oh lord I’d gibb slap half the membership of the board and then give a warning glare to the other half.

Well, given my limited understanding of the Internet, I assume I will wait for you to pedophile rape me.

I might fist bump you, but a handshake is right out.

No option for fist bump?

To simplify

A: positive raction
B: negative reaction

I’d shake your hand, buy you a cup of coffee, then Gibbs-slap you while you were drinking it.