If You Oppose SSM, How Will You Feel When It's Allowed?

Say SSM is deemed legal in all 50 states, and you disagree with it, how will you feel then?

I’d add a poll, but am unable to do so from my phone. Questions among participants are fine, but please no direct snarking on individuals. There’s other threads and the pit for that. I’m just genuinely interested in how these people will cope once this is a foregone conclusion. Thank you.

How would it be any different from losing on another political issue? I was super pissed when Roberts abandoned us on the ACA, and SSM will be the law in all 50 states if I live out the average term of a natural life (the young voters overwhelmingly support it).

I’m not sure I understand the “how will you cope” part. Do you think that there will be mass hysteria?

Well, considering the way most people that oppose it act like it will be the downfall of civilization if it’s legalized, then yeah, I’m curious how they’ll cope.

< shrug >

I don’t think you’ll get too many people around these parts to admit that they oppose it, assuming there are many that feel that way.

It’ll lead to the complete breakdown of human civilization, because as you know, no one was gay before Freddie Mercury.

Mildly disappointed but not much quite frankly, quickie divorces are already legal anyways and adultery isn’t punished by the divorce courts. shrugs

Some states may simply stop performing any civil marriages.

Except Liberace…

I thought he won some sort of court case about that … Yup, won 2 cases, and settled out of court on the palimony case.

True. We’re not as enlightened as, say, Mali.

Have we developed an effective defense against Nazis riding dinosaurs yet?

And Oscar Wilde …

Just for your cause…even though you know this.

It wouldn’t really affect me one bit.

One good possible outcome.

Phred Phelps’ head will explode.

At least you’re consistent. I was going to say I could respect your position more than I could the usual anti-gay rights one, but that would be a lie as I can’t give it any respect at all. But I can respect you more, at least, than I would if you were anti gay marriage but also anti punishment of adultery.

I used to be totally against homosexuality because of the way I was raised (SSM was not even being discussed when I was younger). As I’ve gotten older, I’ve actually gotten less conservative and more moderate and accepting of many things. I don’t really know any gays on a regular basis but I’ve gotten to the point of feeling “eh” about most things regarding them, including SSM. It’s about to be recognized in my state at the beginning of next year (unless some sort of ballot initiative stops it in November), and I find myself feeling pretty neutral about it. I’m not really comfortable with it, but I find myself not fearing it either.

The person who nominated Liberace was right; he was the first. Oscar Wilde wasn’t gay. To quote from a historical British documentary’s brief bio of Wilde:

If I opposed SSM, I would feel anger at America’s abandonment of God’s commandment to oppress them damn durty liberal faggots. But staging a mass shooting at a gay wedding, or even just bombing a church that allowed them, would probably ease my conscience.

That’s if I opposed SSM. I do not. Nor do I actually endorse mass shootings or bombings. But you never know with some so-called Christians. Like most faiths, it has no shortage of violent defenders.