If you´re taping today´s (Saturday) Tour de France

You will be treated to something special in the realm of what Phil Liggett calls “field artistry.”

I won´t spoil the fun, but if you tape it, here are a couple of cues to alert you.

It comes within an hour (or so) of the start of the program, and right after a commercial break. In my area, the product ending the break is a must have, battery-operated soldering iron for just $19.95!!

Okay, maybe your area isn´t sufficiently classy for this product, so you might be subjected to a different ad.

However, after the ad, if you see Christian Vandevelve tooling along rather nicely, be ready because it´s coming up in a matter of seconds. Have your thumb on the PAUSE button.


OK, I’m watching a replay. This had better pay off, or my faith in humanity will be crucshed. The weight of my psychic wellbeing is on your shoulders.

It would have helped if you had given more of a clue. I don’t know what “field artistry” is going to look like, and I’ve seen about ten of the stages this year.

They’re designs cut into a field - along the lines of crop circles.

You´ll know it when you see it, and Liggett will tell you it´s the best thing he´s ever seen in ´field artistry.´ :slight_smile:

I watched if before I saw this post. Now that the day’s almost over, would you care to describe it to us.


Oh, damn. I guess I made too much of it.

Anyway, it was a huge, icolor rendering of a Tour de France bike rider.

We come back to the race from a commercial break to see Christian Vandervelve tootling along on the course. Then the camera panned to a moderate close-up of the front wheel of this mammoth piece of art and and then moved to the right and backed away to show the whole thing - bike and rider - that filled the screen.

It was gorgeous, and like Liggett said, the best thing of its kind that he had ever seen.