If you sneeze with your eyes open, will they really pop out of your head?

I don’t know if it’s even possible to manually keep your eyelids open due to the strong, lightning fast involuntary auto- motor response signals that the brain generates to prevent events as this from taking place but, is there any documented cases of this phenomenon actually happening?
I can’t imagine that the eyeball would actually be dangling from the optic nerve out of its socket or anything that graphic but who knows? Unlikely but, Who Knows?
A plausible outcome to me might be some possible damage to the optic nerve and or a detached retina but not much more than that.
I can’t find any links on the web referring to this crazy topic but I assume that there has to be some info somewhere. Does any one have any dope proving or disproving this commonly held belief?

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My grandmother used to tell us that we could avoid getting braces if we pressed on our teeth with our fingers while we watched TV at night. This theory makes about as much sense.

There’s a lot more than just your eyelids holding your eyeballs in.

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It IS possible to hold them open (manually) while you sneeze. I’ve done it myself. It does take some effort and they do still close half way. I’ve decided the reason that they close is so that you never have to see your self sneeze in the mirror. It’s not a real pretty site. And then of course since both your hands are occupied holding your eyelids open, the mirror (or your friends if you’re showing off) get covered with slobber!

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It is certainly possible for me to keep my eyes open without using your hands while sneezing. I’ve done it a few times - while riding a motorcycle. I’d rather not close my eyes in some situations.

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The only side effect I’ve had from sneezing with my eyes open is having a glob of snot come out of my eye, which is an experience I never want to relive.

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