If you think you see malware on the SDMB

If an ad on the SDMB has given you problems, please provide the following info if possible:

  1. Time/date of occurrence.

  2. Screenshot(s) of ALL ads on the page - typically there are three (on PCs you can do this with Alt-Print Screen, then copy into Word, Paint, etc.). If screenshots aren’t possible, please describe the ads.

  3. Description of what happened. Did you click anything? If you were redirected, what URL were you directed to? Describe any related window or pop-up.

  4. What page or thread were you on when this happened? What was the URL of the thread?

  5. Browser name (MSIE, Firefox, etc.) and version number.

Please send all this information to sdmbtech@gmail.com

Thanks. Sorry for any inconvenience. Most of our advertisers are not intending to annoy or hurt you – just the opposite, they want to sell you something! – but there is that occasional bad apple that gets in. Please help us find and remove them as quickly as possible.