If you want to be a policeman what are the typical physical & educ. requirements?

Just curious. If you want to pin on a badge and strap on a gun, and help enforce law and order what are the typical physical, educational and other requirements to be a law enforcement officer these days?

For English police forces, the basic criteria required for application is:

* Aged between 18 ½ years and  55 years (age limit can vary depending on the force).
* A British, Irish or a Commonwealth citizen (whose stay in this country is not subject to restriction)
* Of good character
* Physically fit and healthy
* A full driving licence (or in the process of learning)

P.S. Of course you won’t carry a gun, since beat police here don’t. :cool:

Requirements of NYPD
*17 1/2 - 35 years of age
*60 college credits or 2 years military service
*drivers license
*drug/alcohol screening
*pass required written tests

*background check. Not allowed:
-felony conviction
-larceny conviction of any type
-dishonorable discharge from military
-fired from a job for disciplinary reasons
-domestic violence conviction

Sorry, there’s also a physical test, it’s an obstacle course including typical activities to be completed in 4 minutes 28 seconds.