If you wer going to be a corporate shill...

If you were going to be a corporate shill who would you be most inclined to sell out to?

Me? I gotta go with Rockport shoes. Makers of fine footwear for over 40 years!

Ben and Jerry’s, most likely. I can be bought by ice cream.

Victorinox. I have a small collection of their Swiss army knives and I get disturbed if I find myself without one at any time. I love their kitchen knives too.

Tesla is my first thought. But really any high end product, such as Gulfstream or Dom Perignon.

Apple. We own two laptops, two iPhones, an iPod, and use Apple TV. We love them all.

any snack food maker and Coca-Cola … it pains me that coke dosent own frito lay …

Who ever pays the most and requires the least effort on my part. PM me with offers.

Mocha Mix.

I love that shit.

Now, is a shill someone who just likes the product and wants to spread the word, or is it someone who agrees to spread the word even if they don’t care about the product? I’ve always thought a shill was the second.

Duluth Trading. I live in their clothes.

Publix ice cream.

The Sazerac Company at least that way I’d have a world class liquor collection and work in a fun industry.

A bank, because that is where the money is.

Big Pharma, no contest.

They’re the perfect shill employer - unlimited funds, no scruples and stupid to boot. Why else would they pay armies of shills to race around the Internet posting in obscure forums and book reviews, when they already have multimillion dollar ad budgets?

BMW. But you knew that.

I was a corporate shill (we called it “marketing communications”). The only client worth having is a client that will listen to your advice. I might have been a shill, but I had my pride.

Manufacturers of gold bars. “These are the finest gold bars ever and you should definitely buy as many of these as possible, and I’m not just saying this because they gave me several for free.”

No, seriously - Nando’s. I’m definitely easy to please.

I do loves me some BMW too. I don’t have one right now but I will in the near future just like I have in the past. I love those cars, expensive maintenance expenses and all. Porsche, Mercedes, Audi and all American car makers can bite my ass. Why can’t anyone else learn how to make a car right?

I have worked for Big Pharma for many years now. The seemingly unlimited funds part is right but none of the rest of it is. Believe it or not, we really do care and I have spent countless unpaid hours fixing problems so that someone that I will never know the name of can get the treatments or surgery that they need. It is a very profitable business but it has to be because scummy people sue all the time for things that couldn’t have been prevented.

The vast majority of people that work in Big Pharma are obsessed with quality, operational excellence and helping people through technology. It is very demanding field with high risks. The company that I work for is one of the most highly respected companies in the world bar none partially because the ethical, operational and quality standards are so high.

You may be thinking about small pharma which is a different beast. The small and medium sized pharmaceutical companies go off the rails sometimes but that is extremely unlikely in Big Pharma today because the checks and balances systems are so exhaustive that it would be extremely difficult for anyone to do anything that goes against reviewed procedures. That may not have been as true 15 years ago but I can promise you it is not true in the least today. The controls are so strict and militaristic that it makes it difficult to make any changes at all.

If the above statement makes me a shill, so be it. It is the truth because I live it every day.

There are several that come quickly to mind and maybe some others that I will think of later.

HEB Supermarkets.

Citi credit cards.

Amazon.com customer service. (I didn’t hotlink that, it does it automatically just by naming it.)