If you were Artist X, what would you be most embarrassed about in your career?

For instance, if I were Demi Moore, I would want Scarlet Letter (“Let’s completely change this classic of American literature, and, oh, what the hell, throw in a totally anachronistic hot tub scene while we’re at it”) nuked from orbit.


If you’re the Rolling Stones, this album cover just does not age real well:

If I were the Stones, I’d wish I’d insisted on a different name for my 70’s best-of album than “Sucking in the Seventies.”

If I were Stanley Kubrick (and not dead); I would be most embarrassed by Eyes Wide Shut. Nothing more than an old man’s sex fantasy.

Not unintentional. The triple entendre meant the same thing then as it does now.

If I were Jim Steinman, I’d want to invent a machine that would erase all traces of the musical “Dance of the Vampire.”

Stephen King, the musical Carrie ditto.

Why? My understanding is that he had nothing to do with it, aside from OK’ing it. It’s not his fault if others screwed up in adapting his work. There are several things I’d want obliterated from public knowledge, were I SK, but someone else’s musical wouldn’t be high on my list.

What—you’ve never seen “Monkeybone”?

(Well, okay, that’s kind of a dumb question…)

Demi Moore was hot after Ghosts. She has chosen unwisely many times. Strippers to G.I.Jane. She couldn’t have done worse if it were deliberate.

Sir John Gielgud (were he still with us), Dame Helen Mirren, Peter O’Toole and Malcolm McDowell would all likely choose to obliterate Caligula – all versions – from existence.

Timothy Dalton would probably pick Sextette, in which he played a young swain of an octogenarian [gulp] Mae West.

And Sean Connery probably wants to do away with John Boorman’s Zardoz. (I know I do.)

Except for the soundtrack, which I’ve never been able to find – a choral version of Beethoven’s Seventh that still haunts me.

The London show “Hulla Baloo” was so bad neither Andrew Lloyd Webber nor Tim Rice list it on their c.v.'s

There doesn’t seem to be an OST album/CD, but the DVD is here for less than $8 new. Happy shopping!

Thats probably the only Connery movie he wants to erase, because there was never a Highlander sequel. Nope. Not made. At all.


Well, George Lucas has already made clear his low regard for the astonishingly cheesy Star Wars Holiday Special.

And Roddenberry, Shatner, Nimoy et al. would probably rather forget some Star Trek clinker episodes like “Spock’s Brain,” “And the Children Shall Lead,” etc.

Don’t ask Ben Affleck or J.Lo. to sign the cover of your Gigli DVD.

Lucas should be more embarassed about Episodes 1-3.

Why not? They have defended the movie against criticism.

If I was Ray Davies, I would want to redact Soap Opera, Misfits, UK Jive, and Phobia from the Kinks discography.

Emerson, Lake and Palmer probably would like to forget Love Beach

Huh? Misfits is the best album of the whole Arista period. Soap Opera…well, it isn’t that bad.