If your college dining hall offered sushi, would you eat it?

If monica is talking about the rolls, they usually come 6 to a serving here, and depending on what’s in them (cucumber rolls and the like are cheaper, rolls with raw fish or shellfish are more), that might cost $3-$6 around here. Six of those rolls certainly wouldn’t be enough to make a dinner for me (I might eat six sushi rolls for a snack). I’d probably want at least 3 sets of 6 for dinner (unless they’re a lot bigger than I am visualizing), and $24 is outrageous for a dining-hall dinner.

You should go to the Sydney Fish Market if you can. I think I got the best and cheapest raw fish I’ve ever had from there. Mmmmmm…

My college’s student commons has a small cafeteria, and one of the places offers sushi. The non-raw kind (I know nothing about sushi - the little rolls covered in rice). But the dining halls do not. Right now, there is a small campaign at my school to get the dining halls to offer vegan selections (tofu stuff mainly). Only one dining hall has actual ‘food’ (like not peanut butter sandwiches) that are vegan-friendly.

Sushi doesn’t look appetizing to me. And I work at one of the dining halls - I haven’t seen anything gross but I am becoming wary. It’s a big job to serve this huge campus food, and corners get cut.

That’s too far. I just popped downstairs to the sushi shop in the foyer.

My university cafeteria does offer sushi, and no I don’t eat it.

Sure, I would. I love sushi, and I’d brave the dining hall.

The perfect college food!

My college dining hall does offer sushi, and I ate it as recently as this afternoon.

Nope. I don’t like any shellfish and most fish. I’ll eat tuna, whitefish, cod, and that’s about it. So I probably won’t eat sushi anywhere, let alone in a college dining hall.

I’d take sushi at a pinch, but definitely not sashimi–way too risky, and I hate uncooked fish.

All the meat / seafood I’ve ever had on campus has been cooked, so there’s no way of knowing what they do with it up here…

My college dining hall offers sushi. I eat it. It’s tasy, and I haven’t gotten sick yet.

UCSC offers sushi at each of their dining halls periodically. Great stuff. Usually they have vegetarian rolls, and some kind of variation on California rolls.

My school (Rutgers) has been experimenting with sushi lately. In fact they had some tonight. No raw fish, of course–they use canned crab, smoked salmon, or just vegetables. It’s okay. My friends described it tonight as “Chinese buffet sushi,” which is a very apt description.

I love fish and shellfish but I hate cold rice. So I won’t eat sushi anywhere either (unless I can ditch the rice and just eat the fish).

My uni is full of food places profiting off hungry adolescents. You could probably eat there for a week without going to the same place twice. At least two places offer sushi. I bought some a few days ago. It was partially frozen but quite good after it thawed. I wouldn’t touch the raw stuff though.

My college dining hall was good enough, though they never figured out how to completely drain pasta. Fresh baked cakes and such to die for.

We have a sushi place in the student union (between the sub sandwich place and the “carvery” (meat and potatoes type stuff). It’s pretty good. An actual sushi chef does the preperations, too. I usually get eel and cucumber or eel and avocado rolls.

I work at a college, and the dining hall here offers sushi. It’s served in pre-packaged little boxes in the refrigerated case, and is the same sushi you can buy in the refrigerated case at the grocery store up the street. Probably this brand: http://www.afcsushi.com/
I don’t usually eat in the dining hall, so I’ve had no experience with it, but I know others who have eaten it and not gotten sick. I’ve eaten it from the grocery store and it’s ok for grocery store sushi.

Sushi? No. I was pretty normal in that burgers and pizza were my only choices.

Down at least one whole flight of stairs? Meh, too much work. I make my own sushi once or twice a week, both nigiri style and rolls.

This week’s headline for my school paper was all about how the State Health Department says our dining hall causes bowel discomfort. This wasn’t news to anyone. We’ve been talking about “the Dalton dash” since before I got here. So, no, there’s no way in hell I would eat sushi from my college’s dining hall.


I think the dining commons here does offer sushi – I had a student last semester who was always eating it in class. I’d probably eat it if I ever ate there, but the place is too much of a zoo around lunchtime for my tastes.

Dammit! Should have applied to Cornell (I’m a very nervous high school senior)

UPenn had some fairly decent sushi that caused no digestive distress. The really good thing they had, though, was the seaweed salad. Mmm…