If your pets were human, what would they drive and how?

We have three cats,Cassy, 'Lil and Maxx. They have such different personalities, hubby and I were imagining what they might drive, and what their driving habits might be.

Cassy is a laid back lady. She would drive a Miata, with the top down as often as possible. She’d always know where she was going and she’d never be late. She’d always drive the speed limit, but have a great time doing it.

'Lil would drive a Volvo, with the doors locked and lights on. She’d stay 5 MPH under the speed limit, using turn signals at least 1/2 mile before any turn or lane change. She’d never drive at night or into strange neighborhoods without an escort.

Maxx would drive a Hummer. He’d never use turn signals, he’d cut people off without a thought. He’d have a string of parking tickets and moving violations and he’d be clueless as to why.

She’d walk because she’s unemployed and begs for food.

Dolly would still have a driver if she could drive herself. She’s a little princess-y. I’d say she’s a Towncar kind of girl.