If your team leaves town...

…how does it effect your rooting interest? The Oklahoma City Thunder are in the NBA finals, and although I was a fan of the old Seattle Supersonics (who moved to OKC in 2008), I couldn’t care less. Do you still root for a team that moved out of town or do you become its biggest hater? Do you adopt a new team in the same sport or give up on that sport altogether?

I was an LA Rams fan during Jim Everett and Jerome Bettis eras. After they moved, I stopped caring about them altogether. To this day, I’m an NFL orphan. I watch some and follow the league, but have no real rooting interest. The 49ers are my default team since I live in the Bay Area now and my dad is a fan, etc., but it doesn’t make much difference to me whether they win or lose.

I was just in Oklahoma City this past week when the Thunder won the conference finals, and the local TV stations were having a lot of fun with how Seattle basketball fans generally appear to now hate the Thunder and actively root against them. Apparently an article about the Thunder on a Seattle newspaper website resulted in a spate of comments dissing the team … the OKC TV folks thought that was a riot, and one station even had an interview with a sports anchor from KING-TV in Seattle who said “95%” of the former Sonics fans would be actively rooting against the Thunder in the NBA Finals.

Not that I have a dog in this fight, but I thought this story was pertinent to the question …

I’m rooting against them and I’m in Boston. It has nothing to do with the Celtics. I grew up near Seattle. Saw a recent TV documentary about the team’s new owners and they are lying scumbags.

If Miami makes it to the finals, I’ll be rooting for a hurricane or a tornado. (Either one, I’m not picky.)

I am actively rooting against the OKC [del]Bombers[/del]“Thunder.”

If the Heat win game 7, No matter who wins the Finals, two cities will riot.

I cannot imagine cheering for a team that departed my home town.

I’m from Cleveland, and am living in Seattle. There’s a small part of me that’s actually hoping for Miami to win tonight just so I can watch the NBA Finals with the locals with nothign but intense schaudefreude on the line.

I’ve rooted against the Colts since they left Baltimore and probably will until I die.

When the Cardinals left St. Louis for Arizona, damn near the entire city reacted with a giant “Meh.” It was nice to see Kurt Warner play in another Super Bowl, though.

Between the time they slunk off to become the Ravens and the new Browns returned, I had a bumper sticker that said “My favorite football team is whoever is playing the Ravens”. I had never before nor since had any sticker of any kind on a car. I still hate them. The hard part is that Ozzie Newsome was one of my all time favorites and one of the finest guys I’ve met with (the exception of his inexplicable loyalty to (Jump) Art and David Modell).

Me too. And Senor Beef is the same way with the Ravens,

Since the Sonics left the Pacific Northwest, the team is dead to me.

If it’s the Thunder and the Heat for the NBA Championship, it’ll be a shame that only one of those teams can lose (not that I care that much about what’s going on the NBA anyway).

I have hated the Baltimore Orioles franchise since they left Milwaukee … as I am sure Orioles fans have hated the New York Yankee franchise since they left Baltimore!

OK OK, I’m not that old, but I have always been intrigued by the fact that when the American League was formed, there were teams called the Milwaukee Brewers and Baltimore Orioles. The franchises maintained a continuous American League existance to the present day and are now known as the Baltimore Orioles and the New York Yankees.

The Ottawa Lynx moved to Allentown Pennsylvania. Maybe it’s because it’s minor league baseball without TV coverage, but hearing about their successes in PA just make me angry. I loved that team when they were here.

I also wish ill on the natnals, or however their jerseys spelt it. I was an expos fan since I was a lad, and now I’m rubbing elbows with stinky Leafs fans in the summer. :mad:

My father and grandfather were Brooklyn Dodgers fans. When they left town in 1958, my father, then 11, stayed a Dodgers fan, and is to this day. My grandfather, however, renounced them. Since the Giants left as well, and he, as all rational people, couldn’t root for the Yankees, he was an orphan. Then, in '62, he became a Mets fan.


I’ve never had my favorite teams threaten to move, although with the idiots who own the Cubs now, I wouldn’t put it past them. If the Lakers moved, it wouldn’t technically affect me personally because I don’t live in L.A. anyway, but it would still be a travesty and I don’t think I could like them anymore.

What do you think of the current Milwaukee Brewers née Seattle Pilots.

You know they weren’t always the Los Angeles Lakers, right?

You mean that team that was named for all those lakes in L.A? Oh wait they came from Minneapolis.

I don’t think there are too many Minneapolis Lakers fans left in this world.