If you're bored... build a bridge!

So… for the last 6 hours I have been playing this bridge building game. It’s a free download that comes with 15 senarios.

The game gives you an expanse to cover and several (usually) anchor points in which to build from, along with a budget. After you have completed your masterpiece you must test its strength by running a train across all the while watching your bridge bend and twist and almost give way… and then it makes it across… usually.

I am currently stuck on level 15… I think it is impossible. Left me know if you find a solution!

Meh. I like SimCity better… they’ve got little computer engineers to figure out how to build the bridges for you :slight_smile:

So does the game give you an unlimited number of witches, or do you get one witch and have to build a bridge out of 'er?

Dude, you are fuckin kidding me. How DARE you link me to that? It’s 5:30, I’ve been up all night building f’n bridges!

Anyway, I’m on level 10 now, I’ve got killer strategies. I’ll post some later today.


Ok, your damn game has absorbed me for I don’t know how long . (What day is it, anyway?) There’s nothing like waking up in the middle of the night dreaming of girders, and not being able to go to sleep until you try the patterns out.

But, I am pleased to report that I have slayed the dragon! I am a master bridge builder! Level 15 is mine!

You can e-mail me if you want me to explain how I did it, but for a hint: All of those hours I’ve spent watching Dukes of Hazzard reruns were not in vain.

You’re kidding me. You made the train jump!? Cheater! CHEATER! :wink:


Lol, yes I finished level 15 last week here at work… after many failed attampts and several hours.
They should offer an honorary mechanical engineering degree after completion!

Nice Dukes reference Billdo!
design take off ramps for Duke and Lukes’ car, Evils’ motorcycle, or my favorite… Daisys’ Jeep! hmmm… I like it!

Well I launched the game and it reset my screen resolution from 1280 x 1024 down to 800 x 600 (which was quite a jolt!) and then promptly crashed. I am gonna reboot and try it again.

I hope you can get it running Opal!
It is quite addicting. I had the same problems with my computer here at work. I updated my video drivers and it started working fine.

I’ll have you know that I got very little sleep last night because of these damned bridges… and I’m still stuck on level 8!!!

I am presently downloading it at work… hehe

I am your God.
Now, 10:50 pm on this Monday, approx. 5 hours after downloading it, I have defeated the game.
Sure, I killed hundreds of passengers, destroyed millions of dollars worth of equipment, and caused more than one train to go flying and/or do a backflip (THAT was interesting…), but I brought peace and joy to the Earth, Iowa and the Moon.

I should be an engineer :smiley:

but it won’t let me beat level 4 :frowning:

it just resets the level when I beat it.

This happended to me a couple a times also. It wont advance the level if you run it through on a saved game. You need to select “start game”, pick level 4, then build your brige and run the train. Annoying little bug in the software.

Mnementh gets the “Most Dangerous” title as far as I’m concerned. :smiley: Lol, I’ve had them do wheelies across the bridge, but never backflips… guess I’ll have to try harder.

It was the funniest bloody thing I ever saw.
lvl 15, it dipped, hit the wall, and bounced straight backward. The entire train went up, upside down, over and came down again, going into the bridge like a rocket and TOTALLY annihilated it. I couldnt reproduce it if I tried, which I figure was mainly due to convulsive fits of insane laughter. Took me like 20 min to get back on track…

Ha, ha!

On a slightly different track (Ha, ha! Again!), before I start downloading big clunky driver files for OpenGL, can anybody tell me if they’ll install and work right on an old PC (P2 266, Win 95) with a cheap non-accelerated video card?

It should work, rjk
The site lists these-

200 MHz or faster CPU
Windows 95/98/00/NT
Direct X version 6 or later
Keyboard recommended
OpenGL video card and drivers
go to http://www.glsetup.com for the latest OpenGL drivers

Just update your video card drivers and make sure you install directX 8 and you should be good to go.

Must sleep.

The thing is I can get the train across but I have to go back and make the bridge pretty. So I have only gotten up to level 5, buy my bridges, they are beautiful.

But this game ain’t gonna get me. I’m going to sleep now.

This game is liquid crack!

I can stop at any time.


Thanks absoul!

What’s the cheapest you’ve gotten to work, without falling down, or flexing to red, on the levels?

On level 1 I spent only $800. On level… something. The one that gives you $50k, I only spent $15k.


This is a great game. Did anybody else think 15 was much easier than 13 and 14? I hope they come out with more levels soon!