If you're too fat to fit in your seat and you can't pay for two, then don't fly!!!


Summary: Fat person is so big, the other lady sitting next to her is squished. She is injured. She sues. She wins. I’m a little pissed about this.

The airline shouldn’t have even let someone this fat on the aircraft if there is not enough room for someone to sit next to them. Why in the hell did this happen in the first place?

Next: http://www.canada.com/calgary/story.asp?id={AB320F72-6AAF-4809-9A4B-3F64F7D570AC}

Summary: Lady is pissed off that since she is too fat to fit in a single seat, Air Canada won’t give them one for free. Boo fucking hoo.

No shit Sherlock :rolleyes:. Thats why they should have to buy a second seat. IMHO Air Canada is being kind at just letting them pay 1/2 price for it… and not charging them full pop.

Summary of my rant: Grossly fat people, fly. Fly all you want. Just don’t expect to be given a free seat by the airline because you can’t fit your ass and love handles in the single econo seat you paid for. You’ll have to pay for 2 or pay extra for first class where the seat may be large enough to accomodate your x-tra large girth… just like anyone else would if they wanted a roomier seat.

I can’t even fit in some airplane seats comfortably because my hip bones press along the rails on the sides of the seat as I sit down.

The seats are too damn small as it stands so they can wedge as many people in as possible.

From the link, this struck me:

So maybe the seats sizes aren’t based on the size of the average person? It doesn’t take too much extra weight to be uncomfortable trying to fit into economy airplane seats. You could be nowhere near 500 pounds and encroach on the space of the person beside you.

The standard airleine seat is 17.2 Inches Wide.


you want cheap tickets, expect skinny seats.

that should be obvious - simple economics.

if you are too large for the super-econo seats, upgrade.

you can upgrade by:

moving to another airline - not all use the same seats

moving to another section of the plane - the pricier seats are generally larger

stay in econo class, and buy adjacent seats, and lift the armrest.

do NOT demand the cheapest rate while depriving the airline of the use of the adjoining seat.


the “feeder” lines (American Eagle was one) fly skinny-bodied turbo-props. The seats are not only skinny, they have fixed armrests, and don’t even recline. PLAN ACCORDINGLY.

someone will now be along to id a carrier with movable armrests in a turbo-prop.

Or, get congress to mandate 24" seats everywhere. then see what happens to your ticket prices.

(I just love de-regulation, don’t you?)

Airline. I have no fucking idea what an airleine seat is, and if the standard width is 17.2 as well.

Nope, not at all. Last time we flew (mind you, this was before the “more leg room in coach” efforts lately), my 6’4", 250 lb husband has some difficulty with both the width of seats - he’s very broad in his frame - and with having enough leg room, plus anyone who sits in front of him can’t recline all the way or else his kneecaps about literally get crushed by the seat. Airlines aren’t always very considerate about trying to get him into bulkhead seats to avoid this, but we try.

p.s. - according to the FAA, an adult human weighs 170 lbs (a regulatory fiction necessitated by large cabins)

I think the people who plan and build these things are the same people who designate how many “men” a tent can hold (four man? Are you kidding? Four children maybe!) and design women’s clothing (isn’t every woman 6’ tall and 100 pounds???).

Are econo seats too small? Probably, but thats why there are coach.

Most people can fit in them. If you can’t, tough noogies. I am not a “small” man by any means (5’11", 210lbs) and sure, I wish they were a little larger. However my belly and/or ass does not hang over into my neighbors seat when I fly. If it did, I wouldn’t expect the airlines to go out of their way to accomodate my “physique” since I don’t fit into the “norm” …at least not without paying extra. Its fucking ridiculous.

A point I was thinking of making in the OP. What should then happen in these cases? The Extra-large amongst us are going to sue the airlines buy larger aircraft if they can’t fit down the aisle let alone in the seat? Dash-8s and Pilatus’s aren’t that large.

I’m usually sympathetic to people with severe weight problems, but when you’re so fat you’re in danger of crushing innocent bystanders, I think it’s time to go on a diet.

question. - when you are flying with two small children, do you expect the airline to allow them both to sit together and fly as one person?

Calista Flockhart could get by with 1/4 of a seat.

Yeah, and what’s with those wheelchair ramps? If you can’t get up on your own legs and walk, or at least drag yourself up the stairs, you have NO BUSINESS going into a store or whatever.

That’s a fantastic analogy you got there, fluid.

Not even comparable, asshat.

Yeah, uhhh…wait.

No it’s not. It’s really a better strawman than an analogy.

I’m assuming that was sarcasm, mouthbreather.


Fluid, I apologize. I shouldn’t have called you an asshat.


I was on a flight recently where a behemoth was slopping over her seat onto the poor, normal-sized woman cowering next to her. The flight attendant very diplomatically offered the normal woman a chance to change seats in such a way that it was never mentioned that the gigantic woman-mountain was wayyyyyy too damn big for that seat they put her in. A seat belt extension was proferred, of course.

A perfect example of when it actually is anybody else’s business that you’re too damn fat. Thank God there were empty seats on te plane, 'cause that would have been a loonnggg four hours for that poor woman. Welll, both of them, actually.