If you've been to Mauna Kea Visitor Ctr, how was it?

CairoSon is only 9, so we won’t go to the summit of Mauna Kea until he is at least 16 (maybe older; he is a shrimp) since that is the recommended age, due to the thin air and all that. (I used to feel a little skeptical about this restriction, until a local told me that their dog passed out at the summit, presumably due to lack of oxygen).

However, we are planning to go to the Visitor Center, at 9,000 feet, to watch the Perseid meteor shower.

I have a 4-wheel drive Subaru, plan to start up the mountain during daylight hours, and don’t mind things like fog/ruts/switchbacks.

I think this is all okay, but is there any reason I shouldn’t do this? (We’ll bring warm clothes and some snacks with us, of course.)

We used to go to the summit all the time as little kids. Even as babies. I never had any reaction despite all the playing in the snow and running up hills. I suppose we tired easily but at the time I never noticed.

But there is a definite difference between the center and the summit. It’s much more comfortable.

It was the only time during my 8 years in Hawai’i that I was cold. Other than that, no problems.

The VC is okay, though nothing amazing. It’s not remotely as impressive as the summit.

The road is of very good quality - essentially any 2WD vehicle could easily make it up. You do need some sense about low gear vs. braking if you want to make it down without cooking your brakes.

Thanks - as always, the SDMB provides the info I need. One wonders how I survived before joining.

So will you still be on the island for Flossie?