Ignacio Echeverria to be awarded George Medal

This is the man who confronted armed terrorists with a skateboard.

Wikipedia has an article on the George Medal here.

A brave man. How sad that the medal is posthumous.

Spanish news always say “the skateboard hero”, partly because his name is one of the Basque “Joe Smith”, and partly because he hadn’t been carrying ID so he became famous under that name before he could be identified.

His parents are super-nice people. Every time I see his dad on TV saying things along the lines of “we miss him but he made us proud”, I feel like saluting.

I heard his dad’s statement and thought it was wonderful. It was along the lines of “we don’t think any more of him because of this award as we already thought so much of him” as if they were already certain of the sort of person he was, as it turned out they were, sadly and happily, absolutely right. A brave man and worthy of the award